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Enplug’s resident Southerner is a top salesman rocking some gnarly tattoos. Adam Duffy joined the Enplug team in December 2014 and has been a boon to the company’s strategic alliances and corporate partnerships growth. An avid volunteer, he was a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters (and he’s a bit of a goofball, too). Meet Adam, otherwise known as Duff!

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Any good nicknames we should know about?
Duff and any iteration of it—Duffster, Duffalufagus, Duffantor, Duffyoutalktoomuch… hmm maybe I just hear that a lot.

So you’ve been all over the States. What’s the best part about Nashville?
It’s a humble city. A melting pot of musicians, artist and hipsters seeking a place to express themselves and call home. The bars are social places to make friends, listen to music and smoke cigars and talk about life. The pretentious don’t get very far in Nashville.

What’s the best part about Los Angeles?
Got to be the concrete. It’s amazing and stretches in expanse beyond the eye’s limits. Not to be outdone, its younger brother asphalt has made quite the impression here as well. Combined they have single-handedly eliminated that pesky grass and nature. Yep L.A.! Best pavement in the world.

Best foodie state you’ve ever visited?
California Mexican or Tennessee BBQ for sure.

When did you get your first tattoo?
18. I found a beautiful Alpha & Omega symbol in a stained glass window and it stuck with me. So it found its way on my shoulder.

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Which is your favorite, and what’s the story?
My half-sleeve for sure. I love life and life lived to the fullest. “Memento Mori” is represented in Greek mythology as the skull and roses. Live for the beauty because death is coming. “Stop and smell the roses” should mean the same thing to you from this point on. Seriously, cherish and love well each day.

What does Momento Mori mean?
Remember your mortality.

At what age did you first start selling?
Geez… 5th grade. I ran a bubble gum racket at my elementary school. I told my mom I needed a Double-Bubble bucket of gum (reseller size) for a bubble blowing contest at school and I volunteered to bring the gum. Long story short, I ended up trading the gum with the kids at school.

What’s your best recipe?
I don’t know. I’m a chef at heart and rarely cook the same thing twice. I have thousands of dishes and NO recipes. I love all things sauces. Aiolis are my thing. Lemon tarragon is fantastic. I also made beef jerky back in Nashville. I love smoked meat.

How’d you learn to cook so well?
My mom’s cooking left me thinking there was more to food. So in college, I went for it.

What’s your favorite app on our market?
I love the consulting for internal communication. I’m proud to be a trusted and expert advisor for best practices when communicating to employees through digital displays. I love to encourage my clients to put a smile on their employees’ faces. There are some great comic news feeds. The news app is a great way entertain between important messages.

Which celebrity needs an Enplug display in their home?
Kim Kardashian. Call me, Kim. Believe me Kim… you’ll be looking at this more than those mirrors. Call me: 323-577-5977.

What’s one unexpected fact about you?
I suffer from sparkalaphobia.

How do you feel about country music?
Oh my! I hate that I love it. Every song is like my teenage years. Bonfires and tailgates. Dirt roads and moonlit dates. Crickets and creeks. I should stop now.

Which country song most accurately describes your life?
Craig Morgan’s “Bonfire.”

Which quote in particular resonates with you?
“You don’t have to be from around here
To know right where to go
All you gotta do is load up
And head towards glow”

You’ve started a couple businesses—which (besides Enplug, of course) was the most exciting?
I really enjoyed my tree trimming business. It was a “student loan payoff” passion that turned into a pretty exciting business. The danger and risks far outweighed the opportunity. It was great while it lasted.

What’s one rule you stick to in your sales and entrepreneurial experience?
First do for the customer, second do for the company, third do for yourself. Success falls into place when your priorities are straight.

Enplug Spotlight

Where did Chaucer’s name come from?
From mom. She’s a literary and appreciates Geoffrey Chaucer.

Which of your clients gives you the most pride?
Annex Brand is a ship and package postal center franchise with 300+ locations. I’m extremely excited to be working with Steve Goble, marketing director, who is a brilliant thinker with a creative prowess. This combination has allowed Steve to deploy laser-focused campaigns targeted at promoting the brands through social rewards programs. He uses a mix of apps like HD graphics and the Instagram wall to maximize call-to-actions and campaign awareness.

Is there a client that you would be most excited to work with?
Dominos. Dominos is innovation leader in their industry. My goal is to consult with them to build a custom app through Enplug’s Digital Signage SDK. Enplug allows customers the opportunity to not only have unlimited access to our apps but also the ability to create a custom experience only limited by the imagination.

What makes them an awesome potential client?
Creativity, passion, ingenuity, and desire to provide the most convenient and savvy product experience the market has to offer.

What is the secret to Gold Team’s Enplug House Cup success?
Do good and good things happen. We excel because we care, love, and like to outserve our peers.

Favorite group to volunteer with?
I love Downtown L.A. Women’s Center.

Best experience you’ve had while volunteering?
A homeless lady asked for a recipe and said, “I’ll have a kitchen again one day. And I want to cook like that. There was a lot of love in those chilaquiles-n-eggs.”

Which House Cup team do you think you could take on for a basketball competition?
Geez… Ok, I’ll be honest. Red team. Colin is on that team and he is a statue of an athlete. Love ya, Colin!

What about for chess?
None… I don’t chess. I just don’t, ok!

What’s your favorite accent to try and fake?
Duffy’s a good Irish name. So I like to butcher that one of course. I also have a fantastic “Crypt Keeper” laugh. You know, “Tales From the Crypt.”

Which of your dogs is your secret-favorite?
Barley. We understand each other’s emotional hangups.

Which of these was your favorite question?
So many crazy memories flooded about the first time I started selling. I have many more where the gum story came from.

If you could create any app using our SDK, what would you build? Who would it be for?
I’d love a hospitality industry entertainment app. Shhhhh! Don’t tell but the next generation of Enplug might just be outputs to peripheral devices. This means a Polaroid or GoPro could create an interactive photo booth app package. Perhaps Beats or Spotify could create an interactive jukebox experience. Outputs fascinate me… From cameras to speakers or even vending prizes for trivia winners to pouring a beer with a tweet. Enplug is truly at the center of public computing and we have only just begun. Bottom line, I love helping and inspiring brands explore unconventional marketing concepts with dynamic returns. If I can assist and collaborate with your brand (Kim K.) let me know —- I’m here to serve.

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