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Internal communications is playing a bigger, more complex role in Companies than ever before thanks to the advent of enterprise social networks.

With solutions like Slack, Yammer and Socialcast, there are plenty of options for generating effective team communication in more nuanced, meaningful ways.

So why exactly should company adopt enterprise social networks into their internal communications strategy? Here are the top five reasons (plus a handful of platforms to help streamline your team’s communication)!

1.) Open communication channels

Enterprise social networks are a great tool for improving vertical and horizontal communications within any company. The ability to have a conversation that is instant can open up more direct communication channels between departments, and especially between employees and management. This kind of channel can be near impossible to achieve through actions like email, which can easily bury important information when threads devolve into short, conversational messages that would be better suited for chat.

Pro-tip: HipChat is a great instant messaging tool for teams looking to cut down on inbox clutter. With features like instant message, group chat, video chat and screen sharing, there’s no limit to how employees can interact.

2.) Improve efficiency

By using a single platform for employees to instant message, organize projects, and even share and edit documents, your everyday productivity will vastly improve. Working in the open will help push projects forward and eliminate the downtime caused by emails and unnecessary meetings. When everything is stored in one place, you don’t have to email your colleague to ask where that report is saved. It’s all right there.

Pro tip: Jive features a built-in task management system, which allows employees to let each other know which tasks are complete, and which are still in progress.

3.) Build team culture

Bringing your team together in one social network offers a great opportunity for sharing company news, announcements, and industry-relevant articles. Employees will be kept up-to-date on the latest news surrounding your company and will feel more empowered knowing that their voices will be heard.

Pro-tip: Socialcast’s “open forum” feature allows employees to ask questions and spark constructive conversations. This is a great tool for making your team culture more open by promoting internal conversation and sharing.

4.) Promote collaboration

Project feedback and iterations will be more organized and get knocked out faster. This is essential for building an internal team culture for collaboration, as it lowers any barriers usually associated with the standard feedback process.

Pro-tip: Zyncro offers integrations with Google Drive, allowing companies to access, view and share files from any Google Drive account with members of the organization, which is great for getting projects done quicker and making collaboration simpler.

5.) Make work feel less like work

Simply put, enterprise social networks can make work feel more fun and social. In 2015, everyone is used to instant messaging (and instant gratification) in their personal lives, whether it be from text messaging, WhatsApp, or even Instagram. Everything is open and instant, which should translate over to the workplace.

Pro-tip: Slack, an enterprise social network startup who recently raised $160 million, offers a UI design that makes instant chat truly feel like social media. With its bright colors and modern feel, it’s easily the most fun enterprise social network tool on the market.