spectrio case studyby Andrew McMillian, Spectrio Creative Consultant


Picture a child in the back seat of his parents’ car doing impersonations of celebrities and characters of his own design while reading passing billboards. At first his parents think it’s hysterical, but after the fifth or sixth thousandth time, their laughter shifts into something different, something less pleasurable. Slight to moderate annoyance are perhaps the words I’m looking for.

You may wonder if John parlayed this billboard-reading talent of his best renderings of Rich Little’s celebrity impersonations into something bigger – a talent his parents could genuinely enjoy again. Of course he did. His first paying voice/acting gig was for Taco Tico, a TV and radio ad that ran in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in 1985.

As we all know, behind every comedic talent are a slew of movies and television shows that provide inspiration. Caddyshack, Blazing Saddles, UHF, and Mystery Science Theater 3000 are some of John’s favorites, as are episodes of Saturday Night Live when Dana Carvey and Phil Hartman graced the cast.

Everyone also knows that behind every talented man is a supportive wife of 15 years and boys ages 6 and 12. Of course, that’s not the only formula, but in John’s case it happens to be his favorite one. In fact, when not teaching Political Science at Oklahoma State University and enjoying his 20th year at IOHI (now Spectrio) as a voice talent, he spends time chasing after his two boys.

One of John’s favorite family activities is live baseball – whether it’s the Astros minor league team or the Texas Rangers. Let it be known that everyone of us at Spectrio would feel privileged to ride along with John as he read the mottos of fast food burger chains or real estate companies high upon billboards voiced in his best Jimmy Stewart or Rich Little’s best Jimmy Stewart – all of us begging him not to stop. We’re proud to have John Hart as a member of the Spectrio team.


Listen for yourself, to find out why John Hart is Spectrio’s Voice of Choice!