spectrio case studyWith some of the one-off production companies, you may have to write your own on-hold message script. You may think paying $100 for an on-hold message production is a great deal but if you have to do all the work, that’s no bargain. If you have a dated promotion, your business relocates, or you need to make any changes, guess what? You’ll have to pay another $100 to make the update!

With Spectrio’s on-hold message service, you can leave the writing to us!

We will initially ask you for a little bit of information about who is calling your company, what kinds of questions they ask, and how long they might be on hold. With just a couple of bullet points, or a referral to pages on your website, your Creative Consultant is able to craft customized, interesting messages that will appeal to your callers.

After your Creative Consultant creates the first draft, we’ll send it to you for review. If you think of anything important you’d like to mention, or anything needs to be changed, we’ll update the script for you.

The best thing about being on an update program with Spectrio is that you’ll be able to make changes to your messages as your program dictates. That means if you’re on a quarterly program, you’ll be able to update your production 4 times per year with no extra charges. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to change, and give you some new ideas for updating!

Why give a company your hard-earned money, only to have to do all the work yourself? Let us do it for you!

Contact us to learn more about our on-hold message programs at 800-584-4653 x6382.