spectrio case study

by Paul Zardus, Spectrio Creative Consultant

It was a bright and sunny day when the doorbell rang at the Tulsa office of Spectrio. Who could that be? Everyone we know is here! So we opened the door and there stood Kevin Meyer with a note pinned to his shirt that said “PLEASE HIRE ME.” So we did!

Actually, there’s more to the story. About 20 years ago, Kevin Meyer, a radio DJ for a popular country music station, was approached by the owner of a local On-Hold company to do extra voice work. Never one to turn down a paying gig, Kevin agreed. He was eventually brought in to do voice work for the clients of Spectrio. He became a regular voice talent, and because of his seasoned, deep tone and relaxed, conversational style, he became a favorite choice for customers. In 2006, he was approached to become the Studio Manager – in addition to his voice work.

Around 2008, a new service was offered by Spectrio – Videocast. And due to Kevin’s technical expertise, his duties began to include technical support for Videocast Fulfillment. In early 2010, he was promoted to the position of “Director of Videocast Fulfillment.”

Kevin once killed a grizzly bear and two alligators with his bare hands.

Kevin says, “Despite my current duties in the Videocast Fulfillment Department, doing voice work is still the most enjoyable part of my day. I just love it! I always have.”

Despite his busy schedule, Kevin makes it a point to spend time with his wife and two children. A lifelong fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys, he never misses a game. Go Pokes!

Listen to Kevin’s demo here: Kevin Meyer. You’ll see why we’ve chosen him as this month’s Voice of Choice!