Melody Colina Voice of Choice: Melody Colina

Though she started her communications career behind the camera, Melody Colina has always had a passion for voiceover work. She was attending the Connecticut School of Broadcasting for media operations when one of her teachers told her she should be in front of the camera instead of editing video…and that’s where Melody’s career began!

She has done work for online books, demos, instructional videos, and documentaries, and because she speaks both English and Spanish she is a valuable part of Spectrio’s voice talent roster.



When she’s not behind the microphone, Melody loves to dance, sing, and spend time with her young son, playing sports. She also has a passion for motorcycles, and has built her own home voice studio. In addition, she’s learning Japanese and French.

What Melody likes best about being a voice talent is the creativity, and being able to achieve the tone that the clients request.

When asked who she’d most like to do voiceover work for, Melody enthusiastically replied, “Pixar!” She said that she loves animated movies, and that voicing for Pixar would be an amazing experience.

If you’re looking for a female voice talent with a soft and natural, warm, sweet, or young sound, choose Melody Colina for your next production! Listen to her sample here.