on-hold messages

There are so many possible answers to this question! Let’s ask a few more questions and give some examples of what you could include in your on-hold messages.

  • Does your business sell products or services? Explain the benefits of those products/services and showcase what makes your product stand out from the rest.
  • Do callers often ask for directions or your hours? On-hold messages are a great place to share that information.
  • Is your business a medical or law office? Give some background about the doctors or lawyers and your staff – their credentials, associations, and experience.
  • Are you running any current specials? Use your on-hold messages to promote sales and special pricing. You could even feature an on-hold-only promotion to see how many callers are paying attention to the messages!
  • Will your company be participating in upcoming trade shows, volunteer events, fairs, or festivals? Let callers know where they can meet you and your team in person.
  • Want to just keep your callers entertained without sharing a lot of information about your business? Trivia makes for great filler. It could be industry related, or completely random and off-the-wall.
  • Does your company have a unique history that not many people know? Tell the story in your on-hold messages.
  • Will you be updating when the seasons change? Add monthly or season-specific ‘flair’ to the messages.

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Image courtesy of coward_lion / FreeDigitalPhotos.net