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Most finance institutions are so focused on marketing to potential customers and bringing people into their offices that they forget to create a positive in-branch experience. Your customers might read old magazines or play games on their phones when they could be learning about your services and discovering better ways to invest their funds.

One of the easiest ways to market to your customers is to target the devices that almost never leave their hands — their smartphones. By offering WiFi to customers while they wait, you create a positive experience and can easily share messages that they otherwise would not have received.

Here’s how you can use WiFi marketing for finance offices to increase customer engagement and grow your business.

Promote Additional Services With WiFi Messages

When customers log in to your in-branch WiFi, you can promote specific messages related to their needs and financial goals. You might encourage them to take a finance class or meet with one of your team members to discuss their retirement. These messages reach a captive audience that is fully-immersed in your brand and quickly able to convert with just a few clicks.

Not only will promotional messages help your brand; they will also increase customer satisfaction and provide more value for them.

A recent survey by Gallup found that 84% of customers who think banks look out for their financial well-being are actively engaged in multiple services the bank offers.

While this seems like good news, only 25% of customers think their banks look out for their well-being, and many only use one or two services to connect with their financial provider.

When customers and financial institutions work together closely, both parties form stronger connections that help buyers make better financial decisions. WiFi marketing for finance offices is just one small step to build those bonds.

Customers Increasingly Expect an In-Branch Mobile Experience

Not only do customers want WiFi access in your offices to browse the web and make wait times less involved, they also want to actively engage with your brand and interact with your website. Your in-branch presence could mean the difference between engaged customers and casual financiers.

One survey out of 240 respondents found that 74% of the general population says the in-branch mobile experience influences where they shop.

Customers want to engage with your brand the moment they walk into your business and continue browsing your brand pages until they complete their transactions.

In a finance situation, this might include customers browsing your website for specific features or pulling up pages they have questions about. If your website immediately loads when customers log on to your in-branch wifi, then they are easily able to pull up their information.

WiFi marketing for finance offices can also help staff members easily review customer information. If your customers already have their account numbers or appointment information close at hand, then your staff can confirm their information and focus on solutions instead of user data. You may even create a landing page where customers can check-in when they arrive and wait for their appointment without having to speak with one of your representatives.

Sell Customers on Your Services While They Wait

People increasingly use their smartphones to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible. In the retail world, digital interactions account for $.56 of every dollar spent in stores. Almost 60% of all customers use their smartphones to research product information and compare your offerings to others. This information also translates to your financial offices.

Your customers spend their time learning while they wait. They actively read about the opportunities available to them before they ever speak to one of your team members.

For example, if they want to open an account or take out a loan, they likely have your webpages up describing your offerings related to those services, especially if you’re promoting these products and services with your in-branch digital signage. By the time they sit down to discuss their options, many have made up their minds.

In this way, WiFi marketing for finance offices works as a sales tool. It sells customers on your services and prepares them to meet with team members. Instead of your sales team starting from scratch when working with customers, they work as closers, sealing the deals and completing the required paperwork to get customers signed up.

Banking Customers Are Increasingly Open to Sharing Data

An additional benefit of WiFi marketing for finance offices is access to customer data. Without accessing any sensitive information, banks can learn what customers want, when they are most likely to arrive at the bank, and what their main demographics are. This information is a goldmine for business owners who can use the data to market to customers and meet their needs.

Accenture recently reported that 78% of bank customers are happy to share their data with their financial institution, but 66% expect faster and easier services in return.

Your customers view your data as a form of currency, where they exchange it for a better banking experience.

Consider tapping into some of this customer information and creating office policies around it. You might have extended hours on one or two weeknights to better accommodate working customers who rush in before you close. You could also increase the number of services geared toward younger consumers if you noticed a decline in their financial services usage.

Instead of guessing what your customers want, you can make data-driven choices based off of their needs.

Learn More About WiFi Marketing for Finance Offices

If you want to expand beyond traditional WiFi in your business and use this tool to promote your brand in-branch, then contact Spectrio today to discuss your WiFi marketing options. We can review your specific business needs and come up with a plan to help you connect with customers and increase your in-branch revenue.

WiFi marketing isn’t just for consumer products. It can be applied to financial institutions to move your brand forward and create a better experience for the customers that work with you. For more information, click here to get started with WiFi marketing.