Doylestown Hospital in Doylestown, Pa., will soon be home to the latest interactive digital signage from multimedia marketing provider Spectrio. Spectrio’s interactive creation offers wayfinding, information about classes and events, weather, healthcare news and more to visitors of Doylestown Hospital.

In the coming weeks, Spectrio will upgrade the hospital’s existing first-generation video solution to make better of use of technology to serve patients and their families. Spectrio’s interactive video solution will serve as a companion to visitors and meet the three main objectives of healthcare digital signage: useful information, feeling of being at ease and wayfinding navigation of the facility.

“Visitors can quickly find visual directions to their destination with the wayfinding directory on the kiosk. After selecting a destination, simple instructions and a map will appear on screen, along with a unique QR code; if the visitor has a smartphone, they can scan the QR code and carry those directions and map image with them as a reference,” said Shannon Baker, art director for Oldsmar, Fla.-based Spectrio.

“As audiences become savvier, institutions are using Spectrio to keep their communications efforts up to date. Spectrio will bring professional interactive design and production capabilities to match the award-winning health services of Doylestown Hospital,” added Spectrio national account executive Alex Antosh.

The interactive application is designed with HTML5 so its use can extend beyond the digital signage. Its touch capabilities are optimized for best end-user experience.

Spectrio’s interactive video solution will not only be a functional tool, but also a critical branding asset.

“Our design was created to reflect and enhance the hospital’s branding and image efforts,” said Antosh.

Digital content can be updated quickly, and Spectrio’s technical support team is available 24/7 if needed.

In addition to the interactive tools, Spectrio will be designing passive video content for waiting rooms and lobbies, as well as flexible kiosks that can be positioned in high traffic areas.