ID-100232377This is one of those questions without a clean-cut one-size-fits-all answer. There are many variables that help us determine digital video cost, so we are going to share some of them with you.

Depends on the Length of Video

In general, the longer the video you need, the more time our team will need to spend filming or animating, editing and producing it. If you already have video elements on file – such as testimonials, interviews, establishing shots, or other prerecorded material – we won’t need to create as much original footage. Of course, any pre-produced video elements need to be high-quality so we are able to blend them seamlessly with any new footage.

Depends on the Talent Needed

Not everyone is great on camera! Depending on what you’re trying to accomplish with your video, using a professional on-screen talent can help create a more polished final product. For example, if you’d like to create a video interview featuring your CEO, you could use a professional talent as the interviewer. We have access to a wide variety of on-screen talents – both male and female – and you are able to see samples so you’ll get a feel for how they look and sound on camera.

Depends on The Amount and Type of Graphical Elements

If you would like us to display your logo at the beginning of the video or pop up static graphics such as words, pictures, or names – that’s easy! Looking for something a little more interesting like a moving graphic, animation, or a 3D product view? That’s also something we can do with no problem. The number of original graphics and the amount of time and effort required to create them has an effect on your total cost.

Depends on the Travel Involved – Hiring On-site Team

If you don’t have any video elements on file, our team may need to shoot footage at your location in order to complete your video. Or, in certain cases, hiring an on-site camera team may be more cost effective. We also have an in-house studio, complete with green screen, lighting, and audio equipment, so we are able to produce high-quality video without breaking the bank.

In Conclusion…

A digital video can run anywhere between a hundred to a couple thousand dollars or more, depending on exactly what you’re looking for. Big ideas and a small budget? We’d love to take on your creative challenge and show you that it’s possible to get an amazing video without spending your entire marketing budget.

Spectrio specializes in creating professional, high-quality videos for businesses of any size and we are happy to work with you to meet your needs. Call us today to discuss your ideas! 800-584-4653 x6382.

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