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If you aren’t sure what multimedia screens can do for your business, consider these digital signage solutions. Here are just a few examples of the problems you can solve by adding digital screens to your shop, store, or office.

Spending Too Much Money on In-store Signage

When you regularly change advertisements, specials, and inventory, you must constantly update your signs to promote your new offerings. This costs both money and time as you have to order new signs and wait for the signs to arrive. But with digital signage, you save time and money as you don’t need to order new signs. You can quickly and affordably update your signs in real-time with a few clicks in your content management system.

Constantly Updating Menu Prices and Offerings

If you run a business in an industry where your product prices and menu items regularly change (like in a restaurant where market value and costs impact your pricing and offerings), it’s next to impossible to present your offerings on anything other than a chalkboard. But with digital signs, you can provide a more polished and professional display, while being able to make instant updates to prices and menu items.

Inability to Make Upsells

Many products and services have complementary offerings that can be sold alongside them. But, it’s often difficult to educate customers on those pairings at the checkout counter or through simple, static signs. With digital signage solutions, it’s easier to highlight those packages and add-ons because you can use your content to promote the upsells. Screens positioned in showrooms and waiting areas and placed near check-out lines and sales counters present a silent saleperson who can upsell customers who are already engaged and interested.

Difficulty Explaining Products

Products that aren’t well-known or items that have a confusing application can sometimes be difficult to explain to customers. Since showing is always better than telling, you can use digital signage solutions to overcome customer confusion. Product demo videos presented on screens near product displays or used by a sales person make it easy to educate customers on products that are otherwise complicated or confusing to describe.

Annoyed and Impatient Waiting Customers and Clients

A primary digital signage solution is its ability to decrease the stress and frustration of waiting customers and clients. When guests are presented with digital signage content, it makes their wait time seem shorter — up to 33% shorter. So, guests who wait for 30 minutes feel like they only waited for 20 minutes. This decrease in perceived wait time leads to happier, more patient and satisfied customers and clients.

Accidentally Airing Inappropriate In-store Content

While airing content in your waiting room can serve your clients and customers, it can also offend them. When you don’t direct the programming on the TV in your waiting room, you have no control over what is displayed. Inappropriate content may air and offend your guests without your knowledge. But with pre-programmed content on digital signage, you control exactly what airs and when it airs — removing the possibility of inappropriate content being displayed to your guests.

Displaying Competitor Ads in Your Location

With standard cable programming, you don’t control the shows, and you don’t control the advertisements. This can lead to an awkward and unsavory situation as guests in your location may be exposed to advertisements for your competitors. With digital signage, you keep competitor ads out of your location because you control 100% of the content airing on your TVs.

Exposure to Content Licensing Legal Problems

While it may seem like a smart solution to simply plugin a cable and begin airing regular TV programming to your waiting guests, it’s actually a legal liability. Some programming may require licensing fees in order to present music and shows to an audience. You can even get sued for playing copyright music to a crowd. With digital signage programming, you clear up that liability because you only air content that has the appropriate licensing.

Too Many Lost or Confused Visitors

Large showrooms, widespread campuses, and massive medical buildings are often difficult for guests to navigate. Even with static signs, it can be difficult to determine where they are to figure out where they need to be. But with interactive, digital wayfinding maps, guests can look up their location or use the directory to find their destination and to get exact directions. Visitors no longer need to rely on staff to guide them, and they can find their way with less strife and confusion.

Poor Internal Communication

When no one reads the company memo, problems can arise in an office, store, or healthcare facility. Everyone needs to be on the same page to run the location effectively. With digital signage solutions, you can ensure that messages are spread through your organization loud and clear. Screens allow you to send engaging messages (visual communication resonates with audiences better than copy) to a large team even if they are spread across multiple locations, as the same message can air on all televisions.

Digital signage solutions range from helping your internal team to your customers. They help promote products and increase sales. And, their application can be completely customized to meet your business or organization’s special needs. They are a flexible feature that can provide custom solutions to unique problems.

So if you have problems or issues that weren’t covered in this post, let’s see how else we can help. Schedule a free assessment to get one-on-one advice for how you can use digital signage to overcome problems within your business.