digital signage

A successful digital signage strategy should inform and entertain your customers, create a unique brand environment, and bring attention to your business’s products, services, and core messages.

Many digital signage companies promise to deliver these results, but some fare better than others when it comes to the quality and utility of their products, their ability to grow with your business, the content options they offer, and their compatibility with the unique needs of your brand and industry. Here’s a closer look at these four key qualities and how you can assess them when choosing the right digital signage company.

Effective and User-Friendly Products

An impactful digital signage strategy is impossible without quality hardware. Whether your business needs one static digital display or hundreds of interconnected, interactive screens, you will want to partner with a digital signage company that offers a diverse catalog of products that can accomplish your goals while remaining user-friendly.

Worthwhile digital signage companies reliably offer products with these capabilities:

  • The flexibility to cover all of your business’s needs, whether that means one static menu display or a complex network of interactive touchscreen kiosks
  • Simple management tools and intuitive CMS that make it easy for anyone on your team to operate and edit screens in your digital signage network
  • Automatic updates that keep you up and running on the latest and most secure software versions
  • Multiple screen types, sizes, and orientations to suit your physical space
  • The ability to incorporate personalized content and social media integrations for more engaging display experiences


Whether your business is just getting off the ground or has been expanding for years, you will want to partner with a digital signage company that’s prepared to scale up with you as you grow. The best ones offer centralized setup controls and mass editing tools that allow you to adjust how your digital signs function from day to day as you make gradual improvements and strategic changes.

Additionally, as your business grows, so will your need to remain accessible to a diverse customer base. You should therefore only consider digital signage companies that already know how to maximize accessibility in their designs and business goals.

Content Options to Meet Your Needs

Around 90 percent of all organizations use content as a significant part of their marketing efforts. If your business also makes content a priority, you should only consider digital signage companies that offer maximum flexibility when it comes to the content displayed on your digital screens.

Worthwhile companies should offer straightforward, easy-to-use templates as well as the ability to create customized content, such as video production for customer testimonials. Your overall digital signage strategy will benefit from your ability to use the right kinds of content for your business’s needs.

Compatibility with Your Brand and Industry

Although a smart digital signage strategy can give virtually any kind of business a significant boost, some digital signage companies are more suited to certain types of companies and industries than others.

When choosing a signage company for your business, look for those who have experience serving customers from a diverse range of industries. Determine what your immediate and long-term goals are and decide on a company that can use its products, services, and insights to help you reach them.

Enhance Your Digital Signage Strategy with Spectrio

Choosing the right digital signage company can significantly improve your overall marketing and customer engagement efforts.

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