Getting started with digital signage can seem daunting. Although many digital signage players come preloaded with content, you probably want your playlist tailored to you and your business.

If you’re looking for help to take your playlist from a blank slate to a robust, effective rotation of content, here are 12 quick and easy ideas to build the perfect playlist for your digital signage.

1. Promote Your Lesser Known Services

Preloaded content will likely cover the major, widespread services. But what else do you offer? Promoting these services informs your audience what you’re capable of. And the next time they need that service, they might just come to you.

2. Promote Your Most Profitable Services

Digital signage excels at upselling customers and generating additional revenue. So make sure you’re promoting the services that offer you the highest profit margin, while explaining their benefits to your audience.

3. Highlight the Products You Sell

If you’re looking to drive product sales or meet quotas, promote those items on digital signage! By giving those products screen time, you’re sharing their importance with your audience. In retail settings, 80% of brands achieved significant increases (up to 33%) in additional sales through digital signage [Source].

4. Introduce Your Staff

Digital signage doesn’t just have to be about sales oriented – you can also use it to build deeper relationships with your customers. And one of the best ways to do that is to introduce them to your staff.

Where’d they learn their craft? Do they have families? Do they love cats? What are their favorite hobbies or sports teams? Sharing this information humanizes your employees, and helps bring their personalities to life.

5. Connect to Your Social Media

Social media is a great place to share valuable and interesting content with current and prospective customers. If you’re regularly posting to Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus, why not also put it to work on your in-store digital displays?

Connecting your social media account to your digital signage is easy, and in addition to getting more eyeball on your content, you’re also raising awareness about your social media presence to people who already love you brand.

6. Discuss Your Values

The desire to “give back” is important to today’s shopper – especially millennials. Brands with a clear purpose, beliefs, or values will win over shoppers who want to support businesses who do good.

7. Promote a Sale or Special

While customers will appreciate your values, they also love value. If you’ve got a discounted service or product, share on your digital signage. Customers who are presented with a special and the point of purchase are more likely to take action.

8. Provide Industry Tips and Tricks

We live in a DIY society. Whether you’re watching Youtube or HGTV, people love learning. As an industry expert, you’re uniquely positioned to share your knowledge with your audience. You don’t have to give away everything, but by providing a few nuggets of helpful informations, you’ll empower your audience, and help build their trust in you.

9. Company History

Did we mention people love learning? In addition to tips and tricks, you can provide them with some trivia type knowledge about your brand’s history.

Who was the founder? Where did the idea come from? What obstacles were overcome? People love narrative, and by sharing yours, you’re helping connecting them with your rich company history.

10. Upcoming Events

Know about any upcoming events in your industry? Your audience may be unaware. Share this information with them, and those that are passionate about the same things you are may want to show up.

11. Share Relevant Industry News

Chances are, your customers don’t read the same content you do. While you live and breath your industry, they may only care about it when they’re in your business. But that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be informed.

Sharing recent stories or developments from your industry is one way to get your audience invested in your field. It may even serve as a conversation starter, depending on the nature of the story.

12. Provide Clear and Actionable Next Steps

If you want your customers to do something, prompt them to do it. If there are no calls-to-action or obvious next steps, they probably won’t do anything. But if you prompt them to ask about a service, follow you on social media, give you a review, they might just do it.

If not, it’s not a huge deal. But remember, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Hopefully this helps give you some great ideas to add to your digital signage playlist. And if you’re still overwhelmed or wondering how you’re going to create the content necessary to do any of these things, choosing the right digital signage partner makes all the difference in the world.

With an extensive library of content, plus dozens of templates to create your own animations, Spectrio makes sharing your story on digital signage quick and easy. And if you still need help, our support staff is standing by to help.