Spectrio, a leading digital signage company, recently launched its new partner program and companies are starting to take notice. The Spectrio Partner program is turning heads because it offers unique benefits of digital signage to resellers looking to drive revenue, maximize customer value, and improve client relationships without the additional overhead.

Backed by Spectrio’s global network of production resources, creative teams, and implementation specialists, the Spectrio Partner Program offers many advantages to resellers. 

Below are the main benefits resellers are reporting by joining the Spectrio Partners program. 

Reduces Churn 

When it comes to improving revenue, reducing churn is key. After all, lost customers equals lost revenue. 

How does Spectrio’s partner program help? 

Spectrio’s partner program is highly focused on maintaining customer relationships and retention rates. Spectrio accomplishes this by providing products and services that transform one-time customers into returning buyers. The secret to a high customer retention rate is offering consistent quality – both in terms of customer care and product functionality. 


Joining Spectrio’s partner program unlocks product access to all Spectrio products, including digital signage, content production, interactive kiosks, on-premise music and messaging, and more. Additionally, resellers will receive ongoing back-end support to guide them through the pre and post-production process. 

What’s Included? 

Exclusive Access – Complete access to Spectrio products, services, and back-end support.

Dedicated Account Manager –  Determined Point of Contact and Sales Engineer to guide you throughout the production process.

Comprehensive Training – Ongoing direction for product, sales strategies, marketing performance, and more.

Marketing Reporting – Custom report analyzing partner performance, industry metrics, and updates on key performance indicators.

Exclusive access to dynamic technology and resources is an excellent way to maximize growth and delivery capabilities!

Simple Sales Integration

Spectrio has a simple mantra on partners; “we only win when our partners win”, says Hunt. 

“As many companies look to make a splash with dynamic and engaging digital solutions, the Spectrio Partner program truly makes it easy for our reseller partners to provide high-quality services and digital content without the extra expense of managing another department in-house,” said Jimmy Hunt, Spectrio Senior Vice President of Channel Sales and Business Development. “We’re excited for the growth opportunities in this space as we continue to build our vast network of industry partners.” 

Spectrio works hand-in-hand with you to make your life easier. We do all the heavy lifting throughout the production process, so your staff can stay productive. 

The foundation of our sales integration is making it as seamless as possible. We are involved from conception to completion and offer continuous support to our reseller partners. 

Production Resources

Hiring an entire production team to create high-quality services and digital content is expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention managing another department in-house after the fact. 

For this reason, the Spectrio Partner program truly makes it easy for our reseller partners to consistently crank out quality digital content without the additional cost and headache. 

Now more than ever, the demand for video content is increasing. In fact, 86% of marketing professionals reported that videos have directly increased sales for their business and helped boost traffic to their website. Increased traffic and sales? You can’t go wrong with that! 

“Partnering allowed for resources exactly where we needed them. With stations nationwide, a single centralized crew would never work.” – Cox Media Group 

Reliable Quality 

Consistently reliable content deliverables are just as important as quality for Spectrio. After all, most companies want to keep their content tone, quality, and impact consistent to showcase their brand in the best light. 

Because of this, Spectrio prides itself on delivering thousands of content deliverables each month to ensure customer satisfaction and retention. 

High Profit Margin 

When partnering with a program, you want to get the most bang for your buck. Who wouldn’t? 

Thankfully, on average, Spectrio’s partners have been shown to resell production services at a 100% markup. Can’t argue with that! 

Learn More About Spectrio’s Partner Program 

Regardless of your business size, contact our team today to learn more about becoming a partner.[partnerprogram@spectrio.com]


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