Clear, inclusive, and accessible communication is key when creating a positive patient and employee experience. Digital signage for healthcare is a necessary medium of connection between the healthcare organization and its patients and employees.

In fact, a new study from pCare, a patient engagement technology company, showed that 95% of health system leaders said that adopting digital engagement tools improved the patient experience. 

The study also found that 65% of health system leaders said their patients’ demand for technology in healthcare has increased, while 42% said there were gaps between their capabilities and patients’ expectations for digital communication.

Another study shows that Digital Signage has a higher recall rate (52%) than television ads (32%), radio ads (27%), magazines (21%), and billboards (30%). Meaning the digital signage information will stick with your patients and employees.

In other words, digital signage in healthcare can streamline the quality of care for patients and employees when used correctly. Below are a few ways to implement digital signage into your marketing and communications strategy starting today.

Enhanced Education & Communication Experience 

For healthcare organizations, educating and communicating to patients and employees is a top priority. Creating an enjoyable journey touchpoint experience makes your patients and employees feel like your organization is attuned and engaged with their needs. 

Enhance the journey by showing the following on your digital signage displays:

  • Current protocols and reminders such as face mask guidelines, employee PPE, and visitor policies
  • Educational content to reduce readmissions 
  • Calls to action such as event registration using QR codes for easy sign-up
  • Cross promoted locations and service lines to increase repeat visits
  • Keep Employees up-to-date with reminders such as HR info and cybersecurity tips
  • Navigation displays such as maps and directories to assist in reaching the desired destination

Reduce Wait Time Perception & Decrease Anxiety

If you’ve sat in a waiting room, know that the stress levels and wait times are often both elevated. 

During these times, clear communication is a great way to lighten the burden on your patients.  Consider using digital signage to inform patients about current wait times, queues, and other relevant information about their upcoming visits. One way to reduce perceived wait times is to utilize our Relaxation Channel with nature videos and calming landscapes. You can also display Physician Bios as a way to inform and build trust with a patient.

Digital signage in atriums, waiting rooms, and lobbies are a quick way to lessen your patients and visitors’ anxieties and increase their satisfaction. Keeping your patients in the know shows your concern about their well-being, which won’t go unnoticed.

Invest in Your Employees

One of the biggest challenges for healthcare organizations is staffing and employee retention. Often, employees feel out of the loop despite their organizations’ communication efforts…So, how can digital signage help with these challenges?

Deploying digital signage is an effective way to keep your employees up-to-date on new protocols, events, and important reminders, such asHR deadlines. Digital Signage also serves as a fantastic employee recognition utilization tool. Celebrate your employees anniversaries, birthdays, accomplishments, and thank them for their hard work and efforts.

Placement of employee-facing digital signage is easy! Think physician lounges, employee break rooms, nurses’ stations, corporate offices, screensavers for remote workforce, and staff-only dining areas.

Improve Navigation

The first step in putting your patients and employees at ease is making the experience as seamless as possible. Incorporating digital wayfinding and digital directory applications makes it easy for patients and employees to navigate from point A to point B quickly and calmly. 

Implementing digital signage navigation is a simple, yet effective way to show your patients and employees that you care. It’s also a  great way to make them feel comfortable in your healthcare service facility.

Consider including digital signage for navigation in your hospital, multi-building campus, or medical office building. Here are some proven benefits of enhanced digital wayfinding:

● Reduce stress and anxiety when trying to navigate a facility

● Enhances the “front door experience”

● Decreases missed or lost appointments

● Cuts navigation questions interrupting staff

● Lessens long-term costs of traditional signage

● Provides up-to-date navigational information due to events, renovations, and re-routes


The sky’s the limit with a wide array of digital signage applications for use cases. That’s why it’s essential to nail down your digital signage strategy sooner rather than later.  

Best of all, a positive experience improves both satisfaction and  overall health and wellness for patients and employees. Digital signage for healthcare is a win, win! 

For the past 33 years, Spectrio has used its industry expertise and knowledge to serve over 500 healthcare organizations across our 165k location footprint in North America. Contact Spectrio today for the next steps on creating a seamless digital signage journey experience that keeps your patients and employees loyal to your healthcare organization. Book a demo today to learn more about the solutions Spectrio offers! 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Co-Written by Corrine Moore and Jessica McCarthy