digital signage infographic

Digital signage means different things across different verticals. For some, it’s a menu board displaying combo meals and side items. For others, it’s something responsive that’s designed to be touched.

While its uses are many and industry agnostic, one thing is clear — consumers are becoming more and more comfortable looking to and engaging with digital signage as a means of information.

The result? Businesses in the digital age that embrace digital signage win the attention and loyalty of their customers far beyond the very first touchpoint.

Why Digital Signage Just Works

The human brain processes visuals 60,000x1 faster than text, with 90%2 of the information transmitted to the brain being visual.

What does this mean for the modern digital marketer?

Reaching your audience in a way that most resonates with them no longer looks like a static billboard along the highway or a paperback company pamphlet in the waiting room. Digital signage creates a lasting impression, and it’s guaranteed to bring greater attention to your business with a little help from brain science.

In fact, three days after viewing visually presented information, people retain 65%3 of the content.

Swap your traditional marketing methods out for digital signage, and the most important message you’re trying to get across might just stick with your audience longer than you’ve ever seen before.

The Results in Numbers

Digital signage works. From enhancing brand awareness to spiking sales, the outcomes of employing this solution in your strategy lead to pretty promising results. While the benefits of digital signage could go on and on, the best of its selling points include:

  • Digital signage captures 400%4 more views than static displays.
  • 80%5 of the brands that use digital signage see an increase in sales by up to 33%.
  • Over 80%6 of people watch programming on digital signage when present.
  • 70%7 of consumers agree that digital signage is engaging.
  • Digital signage increases customer satisfaction by 46%8.
  • Consumers entertained with digital signage report a decreased perceived wait time of more than 35%9.
  • Digital signage offers a higher recall rate than other advertising platforms like TV and radio, at an astounding 83%10.
  • Digital signage raises brand awareness by 47.7%11.
  • 8 out of 10 customers have entered a store because digital signage piqued their interest12.
  • 80%13 of adults have seen digital signage in the past month, with 70% making an unplanned purchase as a result.

Big or small, nearly every goal you set for your business can be impacted by the power of digital signage.

See What Digital Signage Can Do for You

Digital signage is at the forefront of the future of the marketing industry, creating impactful customer experiences like never before. If you’re trying to market your business in the 21st century and market it well, you need the gravity of this marketing medium to turn the most important heads in the right direction — yours.

At Spectrio, we create digital signage solutions that capture the attention of the people that matter the most to the livelihood of your business. Whether it’s for your waiting room or your entrance sign out front, our visuals will keep your customers engaged, entertained, and invested in all that you have to offer.

Curious about how you can put digital signage to work for your business? Request your demo with us today.


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