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Whether you’re an enterprise company, a school district, a franchisor, or a single-location business, you can use content creation with your digital signage to connect to your internal and external audiences with entertaining and informative content.

Here are some ideas for engaging content creation for today’s online world:


Want to ensure consistent messaging across all franchise locations? Use Enplug’s single web-based dashboard to send content out to all locations. Enplug’s digital signage apps can announce special promotions, contests, new products and anything else you want to share with your targeted markets.

Social Media Walls: Display real-time, automatically filtered social media updates from your fans. Most of our franchise clients use a different hashtag for each location, although some clients choose to use the same hashtag across all locations for a more uniform appearance. Your company’s customers will be pleased to see their updates displayed on in-store screens!

Sports Center: To share fun information use Enplug’s Sports Center App to display player and team stats and standings, game schedules, and trivia for the NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, MLB, and more.

Franchise Marketing Materials: Don’t rely on your franchisees to keep their marketing materials up-to-date with the latest prices and promotions. Instead, install one or more TV screens in each franchise location and update all collateral with just a few clicks.

Steve Goble, SVP at Annex Brands, says:

“We’ve been looking for an in-store digital signage solution for several years. The greatness of this product is its simplicity of use, its flexibility, the prompt customer service, and the ability to control hundreds of locations from one desk. We love the product so much, it’s now part of our build-out program’s required equipment list.”

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You’re a school district with children from K-12 in schools throughout a large geographical area or you’re a university system. How to best ensure that timely announcements, safety information, and school schedule changes get out to educators, students and, for elementary and high school students, parents?

School content creation

News Feeds: Keep students informed of what’s happening in the world by showing the latest headlines and photos from major news outlet. Also, show what’s going on in your district and highlight student activities by streaming updates from your school blog or local newspapers.

Graphics & Videos: Display compelling slides and videos to capture attention and create interest in school news. According to the Palmdale (CA) school district, sharing content via Enplug’s ease-to-use interface garners lots of positive feedback!

Local Content: Now schools can show local content that’s highly relevant to their students. One example is Enplug’s ScoreStream App, which shows crowdsourced stats, photos, and videos for local high school sports teams.

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Enterprise companies across many industries use Enplug to share high-quality information for both external and internal audiences. Enplug is built to allow users to manage content across hundreds or thousands of screens anywhere in the world with just a few clicks.

News Feeds: Enterprise businesses with many customer-facing locations can use the Enplug News App to provide educational and interesting content for customers waiting in line. Banks can show financial news, while retailers can show celebrity or entertainment news.

Graphics & Videos: Enterprise businesses can use their existing marketing and communications collateral on their digital signage network. With advanced scheduling, location tagging, and bulk content management, Enplug’s Graphics App makes it simple to manage enterprise communications across hundreds or thousands of screens.

Paycor content creation

Retailers with locations all over the U.S. or the world can use a variety of Enplug apps to display content of interest. And with one Enplug dashboard the same content can be displayed across the globe or each location can display different content.

Using Enplug for internal communications can be very effective for enterprise companies. Have a top salesperson of the month? Share that info across the entire organization and motivate others to emulate that person. Want to announce company-wide promotions? Use the Enplug Graphics & Video App to showcase these announcements.

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Whether you have a retail or service business, you can employ Enplug apps to share content that you want your customers to know. This can vary from the menu of the day to flash sale info.

And here too utilizing the Enplug Social Media Wall App and/or the Instagram Wall App can reward customers by seeing themselves “up on the big screen.”

Alaskan Beer IT Manager Scott Shepherd says:

“I think Enplug brings people closer to our business and lets them see the people behind the beer and the broad community of people who love our beer.”

In conclusion, Enplug’s App Market provides a range of apps to share content with your target audiences — all from one easy-to-use dashboard!App market content creation

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