If you have a waiting room at your office or shop, it’s likely that you also have a waiting room TV. Placing a TV in a waiting area is how many business owners and managers attempt to entertain their customers and clients while they wait.

But did you know that there is another way to utilize your waiting room TV and benefit your business using on-screen content?

How To Get More Out of Your Waiting Room TV

A waiting room TV can act as entertainment for your visitors and subtly promote your business and market your services. 

Using a live cable pass-through, you can customize the framing of your waiting room TV so that branded business elements accompany the on-screen content. Regular cable programming will air in the main viewing area of the screen, and the area around the main content will be wrapped with custom messaging.

So while you air programming from live TV channels, the screen also shows unique zones of custom information that may be positioned as:

  • Frames
  • Sidebars
  • Tickers at the bottom or top of the screen

The content surrounding the cable pass-through may feature:

  • Company logos and colors
  • Welcome messages
  • Feeds with news, custom messages, social media updates, sports scores, and/or weather forecasts
  • Static graphics and animated content
  • Event schedules
  • Promotions and advertisements

With these bonus areas of content, you get double the use out of your waiting room TV.

You get an entertainment tool makes a guest’s wait time seem shorter. When guests are presented with digital screens in a waiting room, they report a decreased wait time by 33%. In other words, a 30-minute wait feels more like a 20-minute wait.

And, you get a tool that can help increase revenue. Guests in your waiting room are engaged with the content presented to them. A Forrester report found that over 80% of consumers watch programming on digital signage when present. So when you display messaging to waiting guests, you have a highly engaged audience, and you can use your digital content in your waiting room to effectively:

  • Highlight products and service
  • Promote upsells and packages
  • Increase the frequency of customer visits
  • Increase social media followers
  • Provide additional revenue streams (you can sell space to third-party advertisers)
  • Reinforce branding to create lasting customer relationships

With all of the benefits that come with utilizing custom content on your waiting room TV, why are you still plugging your television into a cable outlet and calling it a day?

Don’t let misconceptions about digital content hold you back.

How to Get a Live Cable Pass-Through for Your Waiting Room TV

Many business owners and managers don’t use a live cable pass-through for their waiting room TV because they have misconceptions about digital signage features.

  • They believe it’s difficult to set up.
  • They believe it’s difficult to manage and update.
  • They believe it’s difficult to create new content .
  • They believe it’s too expensive.

But that is not the case.

A live cable pass-through is easy to set up. Content management systems make it simple to install and utilize custom graphics on your waiting room TV. Providers like Spectrio have the technology and systems to easily integrate custom content with televised programming.  

A live cable pass-through is easy to manage and update. Content management systems also make it easy to update and manage content. You can quickly and affordably (no more ordering new print signs) change content so the screen always includes your most current and relevant promotions and messages.

Content for a live cable pass-through is easy to create. Creating custom graphics may feel like a big job, but you can work with providers that offer templates and libraries of content so you don’t need to create content on your own. You can even work with a provider like Spectrio who offers a professional team of content creators to manage your messaging and editorial calendar for you.

A live cable pass-through is affordable. While custom content on your waiting room TV may look like a premium feature, it comes at a reasonable cost. Digital content packages with Spectrio start at just $55/month.

So, don’t let common misconceptions about custom content hold you back from the many benefits of using a live cable pass-through for your waiting room TV.

Start getting double the benefit out of your waiting room TV by incorporating digital signage elements into your patient entertainment and marketing plans.


Get step-by-step directions and assistance for installing a live cable pass-through to your waiting room televisions by talking to a Spectrio specialist. Schedule a free assessment to find out how you can install digital screen solutions that match and will reach your business goals.