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As digital banking and online apps continue to draw customers from traditional brick-and-mortar locations, financial institutions are changing how they interact with customers.

More banks and other businesses are turning toward experiential finance with personalized service and a welcoming exterior. A bank isn’t just a place to store your money; it’s also a home for your financial goals filled with people who care about them.

One way brands can create a better customer experience is with finance private label TV. This entertainment option is customizable, filtered, and flexible enough for your brand. Here are a few ways private label TV can help you achieve your finance business objectives while building loyalty in your customer base.

Prevent Your Customers From Focusing On Negative Information

One of the main benefits of finance private label TV that banks prefer is the ability to filter negative information. Cable news channels, in particular, tend to focus on highly-polarizing content or reports that exaggerate the threat levels to Americans.

Polarizing news makes your customers incredibly uncomfortable if they’re faced with content they disagree with or find themselves interacting with people in your waiting area with drastically conflicting viewpoints. This in turn makes the overall experience worse as customers become less patient and more demanding with your staff.

There’s a place for political discussion, but your bank’s waiting area isn’t it.

Additionally, negative news stories could impact customer behavior. If your customers see a report about a potential looming housing crisis or crashing economy, then they might be more likely to opt out of investment options and reconsider upgrading their home.

Consider the report that found negative social media stories have a greater impact on consumer spending habits than positive or neutral ones. Even customers who say they aren’t influenced by marketing messages still changed their behavior based on the types of messages they heard.

If you don’t pay attention to the types of stories your customers engage with in your waiting room, then you could be driving them away with negative news stories that make them act more conservatively than they should.

Inform Your Customers or Entertain Them

Instead of taking a risk and showing whatever stories happen to be on cable, brands can pick and choose the exact information they want customers to see.

Private label TV offers a variety of channels to choose from related to your brand and target audience.

If you want to distract customers from their wait-times and keep them entertained before they meet with one of your team members, consider choosing a variety of lifestyle or home and leisure content that engages them and holds their attention. Additionally, you might choose a finance-based channel or share information related banking and the economy to prove that you are an expert in your field.

Finance private label TV offers flexibility for your brand that traditional cable doesn’t. You can strike the perfect balance in your programming instead of hoping the morning news does it for you. Plus, if you don’t find anything you like in Spectrio’s existing channels then you can create your own specialized digital signage content playlist that reflects your business goals and customer needs.

Highlight Important Company News and Branding

All private label TV options come with branded overlays that help companies share important information with their customers. For example, we offer a news ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the page, allowing brands to share RSS feeds, social media call-to-actions, company news, and customer information in one place.

This information is aggregated and updated regularly, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the ticker.

We also offer side zones where brands can share trivia questions or communicate important information about tax season and investment options.

At any given point, customers can interact with three or four different content types through your private label TV option. While broadcasting basic cable means your digital signage is dedicated to whatever is broadcasting, private label TV breaks the screen into multiple elements with different information. Even if a waiting customer isn’t interested in the broadcasted channel, they will still likely care about the weather or banking news.

Stream Live Shows Through Our Cable Pass-Through

If you do want to present live broadcasting to your customers, it’s possible with a live cable pass-through. This tool allows brands to stream live events (like popular finance and stock market analysis shows) to keep customers informed and entertained while the wait.

Not all news shows are bad, and you may find a few objective ones that your customers are genuinely interested in. You can even choose to broadcast specific live content during the day and then switch back to your previously-selected channels when it’s over.

One of the main benefits of choosing a cable pass-through with private label TV is the option to present the information with a branded overlay.

You can place the streaming information within a design that’s related to your brand so customers can still learn about what your company has to offer, even if they’re watching traditional cable news shows.

Finance Private Label TV Is Easy to Manage and Update

Along with the myriad benefits to your customers, finance private label TV is also easy for managers and business owners to update. You can change your programming as often as you like and test new features to see how your customers respond.

Some bank managers train their staff to update in-store messaging and video clips daily, while other select them for various locations. Depending on the size and style of your financial institution, you can develop a content plan that keeps customers engaged.

Waiting room entertainment shouldn’t be polarizing or hand for you to keep up with. You don’t have time for someone in your organization to watch TV all day and make sure it’s appropriate for your customers.

Instead of taking a risk with cable, choose the safe investment with private label TV. Contact Spectrio today for a consultation and a review of your brand goals and needs. Or, learn more about what is possible with private label TV and digital signage by grabbing our free ebook.