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Private Label TV is a growing trend across a variety of industries and business sizes. Retailers use it to share information and style tips with customers, and businesses with lobbies use it to entertain customers and keep them patiently waiting.

One industry in particular that is starting to embrace Private Label TV is the quick service restaurant field.

Private Label TV, a digital signage system that displays a business’s own “television channel,” shows only the content that a brand has selected for their audience. It helps managers upsell customers, improves the overall customer experience, and offers these big benefits.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Wait times can make or break a quick service restaurant. Long wait times mean fewer customers can be served, and the customers who are served aren’t pleased with the length of time required.

QSRs trying to appeal to the working crowd could see a drop in sales and foot traffic if long wait times drive people away from stopping in during their lunch breaks.  

One recent study by Lavi Industries discovered that 70% of customers are only willing to wait five minutes for service in a retail environment before they look for other options or consider taking their business elsewhere. While retail and QSR are certainly different industries, they operate closely and customer behavior in one industry tends to mimic the other. Customers who enter your restaurant expect to receive their food quickly and be on their way.

When you engage customers in a restaurant and provide an entertaining experience, you can reduce perceived wait times. When customers are bored, five minutes can feel like 10 or 20 minutes. However, when they’re entertained, five minutes can feel shorter, increasing customer satisfaction with your service and their willingness to wait for their food a little longer. It’s possible to increase your sales and customer satisfaction without changing your prices and menu items, only by making the waiting experience more enjoyable.

Choose Content That Reflects Your Brand

One of the main questions that people ask when they’re considering Private Label TV in quick service restaurants is, ”Who controls the content?”

Family-friendly restaurants might not want political news or racy Hollywood stories slipping through, creating a stressful environment for parents and kids. Similarly, a sports-themed restaurant might want the latest game highlights or comedy news to keep the mood light and messaging relevant to the brand.

All of the clips available through Spectrio are pre-screened and family-friendly, and QSR managers can review the video clips themselves to determine which ones are best for their brand.

For example, a restaurant that caters to health-conscious customers can select video clips offering workout tips, news updates about diet trends, and lifestyle content for happier relationships. In this case, the video choices actually enhance the customer’s experience as the QSR provides more value to them (in the form of information) instead of just food.

Prevent Competitors From Advertising In Your Restaurant

Along with having control over your content, Private Label TV in quick service restaurants reduces the risk of accidentally advertising the food of your competitors.

Some organizations choose to set up TVs with cable, showing the latest news updates or sporting events, along with the commercials that come with them. Imagine a local sandwich restaurant showing the Today Show, only to see an advertisement for Panera or Subway at the break. Unintentionally, that restaurant is promoting other chain sandwich restaurants right within its walls.

Another drawback with using cable TV is the number of ads your brand would have to show. According to Video Design, 83% of customers believe ads aren’t inherently bad, but they do want to filter out the obnoxious ones. Furthermore, 87% of customers say there are more ads than there were three years ago, and they’re more intrusive than they used to be.

If your QSR only uses cable TV, then you could subject your customers to three to five-minute long commercial breaks with no means to turn out the content.

This could reduce their overall patience waiting in line, especially if there’s a particularly obnoxious ad being shown. With Private Label, the only ads you show are for your brand, reducing the number of ads shown and the negative impact of bad ads.

Create Your Own Ads and Up-sell Customers

Instead of showing the TV ads of your competitors, use your ad space to showcase your best products and upsell your customers on their orders.

Quick 10-30 second clips can advertise special promotions or products your customers might want to try. These ads increase awareness and share information about your food. For example, customers who are on the fence about a new pulled-pork promotion could learn what comes with the sandwich and how it’s prepared. This answers their questions and turns them from curious customer to confident buyer.   

Along with the actual video ads, PLTV features content wraps that promote your brand.

You can design a content wrap that shows your logo and products and promotes seasonal items or special deals. Even when customers are watching the video content you select, they are still experiencing branded content and learning about your business.  

You can also change these ads and wraps as often as you would like. Leave your ads running throughout the year or switch them for seasonal and even monthly promotions. You can even test ads for a few days before committing to changing or leaving them.

Bring Private Label TV to Your Quick Service Restaurant

Brands that choose to use cable TV for their QSRs risk promoting their competitors or isolating customers with lengthy ad-breaks.

Similarly, not entertaining your customers at all can lead to frustrated audiences who with negative perceptions of your brand. Private Label TV in quick service restaurants is the best option for making sure your content is on-brand and entertaining for your waiting customers.

Learn more about bringing Private Label TV to your restaurant by downloading our complete guide to digital signage. “Everything You Need to Know When Deciding if Digital Signage is Right for Your Business” will have you feeling like an expert in no time.