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More business owners are concerned about branding than ever. They understand that the experiences customers have from start to finish affect the audiences you keep and the type of company you run.

From how your staff treats customers to the parking options outside your door, your brand says a lot about you.

So some marketers are taking control and making sure they have the final say in branding across all aspects of the business. With the help of branded frames, particularly in a digital context, they can increase the effectiveness of their marketing messages and grow their sales under a unified message. Here’s how this tool can help your business.

What Are Branded Frames?

Branded frames are wraps of messaging around digital content that feature your logo, brand colors, slogan, and other messaging. Their purpose is to keep your business in the forefront of the minds of customers.

While your customers may think about other things while engaging with your content, they always have their branded frames to remind them where the information comes from.

The internet is full of branded frames you can see in action. Content aggregators like The Dodo or Upworthy create short videos that feature the brand logo throughout. When the video content is shared across the web, there’s no doubt about which website created it.

Branded frames can also be used in location-based marketing. By making sure your brand is featured in all of your in-store content, you can create messages that connect with customers without deviating from your marketing goals.

Show Branded Frames on Your TV Screens

Do you have a TV set up in your business or waiting room to entertain customers? While your customers watch ESPN, CNN, and other channels, they’re distracted and not thinking about your brand.

We noticed this was a problem for companies who wanted to convey important information to customers but struggled to strike a delicate balance between entertaining and informing them. This is why we developed branded frames for private label TV.

With PLTV, you can choose the content you want or live-stream events directly from cable channels. The main difference between traditional cable and our PLTV live stream is the addition of branded frames.

Along the sides of the video content, you can post brand updates or offers to engage customers. The content remains the same, but the addition of your brand overlay connects viewers to your company.

Share Important Updates Through Digital Content

Not all businesses use TVs to entertain customers through cable streaming. Others use digital signage to share important updates, promotions, and product information with customers. Branded frames help here as well.

For example, a bank might use specialized financial digital signage to share weather updates, stock performance, or even traffic flow in the area. All of this information comes from outside sources and provides valuable insight to customers.

With a branded overlay, you present the weather and other information with your logo highlighted at the top of the screen. The overlay features your brand colors and imagery, proving that your company is a trusted source for news and information.

You can even create fun activities with branded frames. Share trivia questions to keep customers entertained and testing each other as each answer is revealed. This positions your brand as fun and light while customers wait to meet your team.

Promote Your Products Through WiFi Marketing

Branded frames aren’t limited to TV screens; you can also find them on your customer’s smartphones. With WiFi marketing, you can create branded frames for customers to engage with your business when they use your WiFi.

Panera is a great example of a branded overlay for WiFi access. Customers agree to their terms and conditions to access the WiFi while the fast-casual restaurant shares brand updates and new products. You might be prompted to try new cookies for spring or learn about their new delivery options.

These landing page branded frames create additional space to share your messaging. If there’s something your customers might have missed while waiting, this is a great place to promote it.

Encourage Additional Action for Future Engagement

One of the most important aspects of branded frames is the call-to-action. Many brands use this space to engage customers and set them up for future sales. You might share your social icons and handles to encourage customers to follow your brand online. You could also encourage people to sign up for your email list or opt-in to text alerts.

When customers agree to receive additional marketing messages from your brand, they’re telling you that they are open to buying from you again and want to learn about the different options you have. Connecting with customers on social and text channels are great ways to promote sales or new products.

Additionally, social media engagement can have a snowball effect on your brand. Facebook shows what pages your friends like and when they check in or interact with a brand. This is basically free advertising for your company as you customers endorse your brand online. A like today could mean a new customer tomorrow.

While many customers want to follow your brand, they might not know how to find it online or the benefits of following you. With clear graphics on how to find your company online with branded frames, you can grow your social channels and email contact lists.

Use Branded Frames to Improve Your Digital Content

Every company faces its own challenges with branding. While some companies succeed in keeping customers entertained and informed, others have a hard time sticking out above the rest.

At Spectrio, we pride ourselves on our branding best practices. We work closely with all of our clients to determine their best steps to grow their brands. If you feel like your branding isn’t as strong as it could be, contact us today. We’ll work with you to find smart ways to use branded frames and digital content to build valuable connections with customers and audiences.

To find out what else is possible with digital content, check out our free ebook “Everything You Need to Know About Digital Signage.”