Have you ever been in a waiting room and found yourself caught up in watching some of your favorite programming, only to later realize you never saw any commercials during the content? Or did you notice a border around the video clips that were playing, with things like the business’ logo or a weather feed on the side? If you’ve noticed this in any place from an auto shop, to a doctor’s office, to a hair salon, it’s likely you were watching Private Label TV.

So, What Is Private Label TV?

Waiting areas are the perfect opportunity for you to cross-sell and upsell to a captive audience. They are also important indicators of customer satisfaction. Long waiting times can affect customer retention and make the overall experience of your business less pleasant. Private Label TV is a Digital Signage solution that enables you to entertain your customers while promoting your products and services. 

By using Private Label TV, perceived wait times are reduced by as much as 33%, which makes a 30 minute wait feel like 20 minutes (Retail Business Development). 70% of customers think that Digital Signage is entertaining (Online Testing eXchange). And with Private Label TV, you have complete control over the content. You can pick and choose the programming and features that is shared with your audience in the waiting room.

Private Label TV content consists of a video zone with purchased network programming or custom video and animation content, a branded wrap that highlights your business, and side zones that can display specials and promotions, paid advertisements, the weather, and more. The options are really up to you!

Benefits of Private Label TV

Private Label TV has many benefits to for both you as a business and for your customers.

Increases Audience Engagement

When you match content directly to the interests of a target audience, you enhance their engagement with the content. Audiences will be more likely to pay attention to the messaging, giving businesses an opportunity to relay other important messages, information, and promotions.

Reduces Perceived Wait-Time

When audiences are drawn into content, their wait will seem shorter. Perceived wait time decreases when visitors are entertained by content in a waiting room.

Avoids Promoting Competitors

By controlling content programming, you ensure that no competitor content is aired. The last thing a manager of a dentist office wants to share with their audience is a commerical for another dentist. This could happen with live cable pass-thru but not with private label TV.

Create an Additional Revenue Stream

Business owners can remove advertisements from competitors, but they can also add advertisements from non-competitors. By selling ad space and sharing third-party ads in the content playlist or on the content border, businesses can launch a new revenue stream for their business.

Shows Your Audience You Care

By providing Private Label TV in a waiting room, business owners show their clients and/or patients that they care about their experience from start to finish. Custom programming, branded messages and engaging content are examples of the personalized service that sets a business apart from their competitors.

Features of Private Label TV

Private Label TV can be customized to match the needs of any business or company. Owners can mix and match the following features to create programming that fits their audience and marketing objectives.

Custom Video Playlists

With preselected content, business owners can select content that directly matches the demographics of their audience. For example, if they run a pediatric doctor’s office, they can choose child-friendly programming. If they run an auto shop, they can choose racing and car-related content.  

Network Shows and Programming

With Private Label TV, business owners attain the content licensing required to share some of their audience’s favorite network shows. Spectrio’s private label library includes programming from:

  • The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
  • The Chew
  • The Speed Channel
  • Movie Trailers
  • The Today Show
  • and more…

Custom Video Clips

Along with a library of network programming, business owners can also add custom content to their playlist. Clips can be customized around a theme to match branding and industry topics. For example, a hospital may air health and wellness clips, while an auto shop may share car maintenance programming. Custom video content can be selected from a library of resources or created by the owner and a content development team.

No Offensive Material

With Private Label TV, the business owner is in complete control of the content, and they can ensure that all programming only includes material that is appropriate for their audience. Inappropriate or offensive material cannot slip through the way it could with a live cable pass-thru.

Content Wraps

Private Label TV features more than video content. Custom graphic wraps that border the main content show audiences branded messages that promote products and specials, link to social media or weather feeds, and keep the viewer updated on company news.

Cohesive Branding

Through the use of content wraps, businesses can reinforce their branding by adding logos or branded images to the content frame around the video programming.

Custom Messaging

The content wrap also allows business owners to share information and communicate with their audience by displaying:

  • welcome messages
  • event listings
  • general office or shop information
  • specials and promotions

Real-Time Updates

Along with sharing custom information, the content wrap can share real-time feeds from other sources. Content can be set to automatically update and include:  

  • news feeds
  • weather feeds
  • social media streams

Advertisements or No Advertisements

With Private Label TV, the business owner is in control when it comes to advertising. They can choose to remove all advertising. They can choose to include only advertisements for their products and services or even decide to include advertisements from third parties.

See the Difference for Yourself!

If you want to get more information on Private Label TV and discover how this custom programming will benefit your business, click below to set up a free consultation with one of our digital signage specialists.  

During your call, our representative will advise you on the options of private label programming and help you identify the best way to bring custom programming into your shop, office or business.