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Recently, healthcare practitioners have started using their waiting rooms to connect with patients and create a more positive experience for them. They offer water, tea, and coffee, while entertaining patients with games for kids and video content for adults.

Instead of treating the lobby like an empty space, they approach it as an opportunity to build patient loyalty.

One way to connect with patients better in the waiting room is by sharing healthcare private label TV on digital waitboards. This service can benefit your business in multiple ways, both financially and in the quality of the experience you provide. Here are just a few benefits of this marketing option to improve your waiting room experience.

Calm Patient Fears and Anxieties

Even minor healthcare experiences can cause stress for patients. Doctors often see nosocomephobia (or the fear of hospitals) in people of all ages. It’s fairly common for patients to feel nauseous, experience excessive sweating, have trouble breathing, and even get panic attacks in medical situations. Some people experience “white coat syndrome,” where their blood pressure rises when they enter a doctor’s office. Even Richard Nixon struggled with going to the doctor.   

Many healthcare practitioners counter this fear by creating a soothing environment for their patients, especially in their waiting rooms.

They focus on spa-like experiences with calming waterfalls, relaxing aromatherapy, and professionally-trained staff that makes people feel welcome. Doctors learn how to calmly explain procedures and take steps to keep patients calm. Another way to counter the fear of doctors and hospitals is with distractions like TV.

Entertaining patients with sports updates or entertainment clips can temporarily distract them from their hospital fears.

You choose exactly what patients see, so you can skip news content and other negative stories that might compound their anxiety instead of reducing it. Whether your patients have to undergo an intensive procedure or a quick follow-up exam, you can use healthcare private label TV to make them feel more comfortable.

Present Relevant Content for Your Brand

Not only can you choose family-friendly content and avoid polarizing videos that actually make the waiting experience more stressful, but you can also select digital signage video clips that align with your business goals and branding.

For example, you might select clips with daily exercise tips to get patients moving or diet advice for people who want to eat healthier. Even lifestyle advice like maintaining a strong work-life balance or journaling can help people live better and improve their situations.

The healthcare private label TV content reinforces the expertise of your brand to your patients.

When they visit you, they’re likely to learn more about their health than just what your practice specializes in. This shows that you care about the entire health of your patients and treat them like people, not just numbers on a chart. In a world where people feel like they have to jump through hoops for healthcare, this additional care can make a strong positive impression.

Create Content That Helps Patients Understand Their Bodies

If you don’t see the content you want to share on private label TV channels, you can create waiting room videos of your own.

Consider making short video clips that explain how the human body works and how certain factors impact patient health. For example, a podiatrist could create video content explaining what a bunion is or why walking in flip-flops is bad for your feet.

This video content further emphasizes your expertise and helps patients better understand how their bodies work.

You might even discover that your operations run smoother with fewer patient questions because of the information presented in the lobby.

Promote Other Wellness Services

Your patients might turn to your practice for very specific reasons or limited treatments, unaware that there are other services that you offer for their health. For example, a general practitioner might offer sports health checks, student vaccines, flu shots, and allergy tests that patients don’t know about.

Instead of visiting a different clinic or pharmacy for additional treatments, patients can learn about them through private label TV ads and schedule appointments during their visits.

Instead of showing commercials for other businesses not-related to your brand with cable TV, make commercials of your own highlighting information about your practice and options for patients. You might create video content discussing various treatment options or clinical tests they might qualify for.

Your patients will be better informed when they meet with their doctors and will be focused on your brand instead of another ad they saw earlier.

Package Content Around Your Brand

With private label TV, you can choose how many commercials you want and the exact balance between branding and entertainment. Even if you choose to show entertainment clips and sports updates the majority of the time, you can still maintain your brand image with custom border designs.

Private label TV solutions come with border graphics that you can change to reflect your brand.

You can choose soothing colors, incorporate your logo, and share important information with patients. When everyone in the waiting room keeps an eye on the TV content, they can’t help but notice your professional branding along the border.

Decrease Perceived Wait Time

On top of all of these other benefits, healthcare private label TV also improves patient experience in an important way — making the wait before their appointment feel shorter.

Digital signage can decrease perceived patient wait time by up to 33%.

In other words, a digital display entertains and engages patients so much so that a 30-minute wait really feels like a 20-minute wait. The feeling of a shorter wait then reduces stress and frustration while the improving overall experience in your healthcare office.

Healthcare Private Label TV Is the Better Waiting Room Option

Some practices turn on cable TV or play movies throughout the day to keep patients entertained. This is a passive form of entertainment that doesn’t have any tangible benefits to your business. With private label TV, you can choose content that aligns with your goals and set up an experience that actually helps your patients. The investment in your practice and patients is worth it.

If you think your brand could benefit from private label TV, contact the team at Spectrio. We can work through your options and create a package that meets the goals of your practice and helps everyone who visits your waiting room. And, to learn more about the possibilities of private label TV and digital signage, get our free ebook.