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The hospitality industry relies on all five senses to sell its products. Customers feel sand between their toes, smell locally-made food, taste fresh ingredients in their cocktails, and watch captivating sunsets. Everything that convinces customers to choose a restaurant or book a vacation relies on the senses. This applies to the sense of sound as well.

The sense of sound enhances a person’s perception of an experience and affects how they feel about it. For example, the sight of a beach sunset is improved with the crashing of waves, calls of gulls, and a soft music playlist featuring steel drums.

If you’re part of the hospitality industry, it’s time to cater to the sense of sound to improve customer experience. With hospitality overhead music, you can complete the five senses experience and make customers fall in love with your location.

Here are five ways overhead music can benefit your hospitality business.

Create an Experience With Your Business

Younger consumers are leading the way in experiential spending, and the trend is working its way up through older generations.

According to Eventbrite, 78% of millennials would choose to spend money on experiences instead of material items, and 55% say they’re spending more on live events and activities than ever before.

This data is great news for the hospitality industry. Younger people want to travel, visit different locations, and connect with the community. They’re more likely to spend more at bars and restaurants or take a vacation instead of buying a flat-screen TV.

If businesses in the hospitality industry want to benefit from the experiential trend, then they need to create a unique environment that draws consumers.

This might involve rebranding for a luxury feel or adding different services that engage buyers. By tapping into hospitality overhead music, your company can add an extra element to your branding efforts, further creating the ideal experience for your customers.

Set the Tone for Your Hospitality Business

Customers use their senses to learn about your brand. Along with visual cues, they might notice the smells emanating from your space or learn from what they hear.

The hospitality industry in particular stands to benefit from adding background music to its locations.

recent study by YouGov found that 78% of customers like background music in bars and pubs. Furthermore, 71% of customers think background music creates a better atmosphere, and 68% say they will likely stay longer if there’s music overhead. Hospitality overhead music has the ability to grow your business by changing the behavior of customers.

If people stay longer and feel more relaxed around your brand, then they’re likely to spend more.

They’re likely to come back more often and bring their friends. All of these factors contribute to your bottom line and boost your revenue.

Attract Customers to Your Location

Another benefit of hospitality overhead music for your brand is attracting customers. Customers tend to follow their senses when they’re walking around. They might be attracted by the savory smell of a restaurant or curious about a glowing sign down the street. Music can have the same effect.

By broadcasting overhead music from your business, even if it’s just around your storefront, you can attract people who are interested in what they here.

At the very least, most people will be curious enough to walk by and see what the noise is for. New customers are the lifeblood of the hospitality industry. While your regulars contribute a significant part of your income, you need new people discovering your brand to stay afloat.

Customize Playlists Based on Your Brand

By choosing hospitality overhead music through Spectrio, you can customize your music choices with carefully curated playlists. There are multiple playlists to choose from, and you can add certain songs or remove others that might not align with your brand vision or goals.  

A great example of music branding is Target, which recently tested overhead music in ten of its top stores in Minnesota. The retailer’s overall goal was to improve the customer shopping experience by rotating between 1,000 songs and creating a “playful, fun vibe” in stores.

Along with branding, Target chooses its songs to create a relaxed setting that calms customers, which increases the chances of positive experiences with employees.

So far, the test has been a success, and Target plans to roll out overhead music to 180 stores nationwide. By contracting a specialist to curate an overhead music playlist and staying cognizant of branding and what audiences want, you too, can smoothly integrate music in a manner that’s well-received by customers.

Select Different Playlists for Areas in Your Organization

Along with customizing your playlists, you can also create areas within your business that cater to different music tastes and goals. A hotel might have upbeat overhead music in its kid’s area or restaurant, but want calming background music in the area around its spa. A restaurant might want different music choices at its bar and outdoor patio than at its tables.

This music customization creates different settings and moods throughout your location.

Customers at the bar will feel encouraged to drink faster and order another round, while diners at the tables will eat slower and order another glass of wine or dinner instead.  

If you’re nervous about adding overhead music and don’t want to confuse customers, make sure you choose songs and playlists that enhance your brand and appeal to your customer base. You can test different genres and songs and tailor them to different times of the day and target audiences.

You never have to feel locked into one music type with flexible tools that allow you to constantly test, adjust, and create your perfect overhead music playlist.

Hospitality Overhead Music with Spectrio Can Boost Your Brand

Hospitality managers who want to keep customers happy and change their behavior should consider using overhead music.

Spectrio licenses all of its music options, which ensures your music is legal and high quality. Our systems are also PCI compliant, so customer data is never at risk of being compromised.

From setting the tone of your business to boosting sales, overhead music can make customers feel more relaxed and comfortable with your brand, which sets your business up for success in the future. Contact us today to learn how Spectrio overhead music can help your business.   

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