35672bdr3x4qa1yWhen four out of five product brands experienced up to 33% in additional sales through the use of digital out-of-home media (link), utilizing digital signage can really pay off!

Here are 5 ways companies can use in-store media for brand promotion:

1. Seasonality is key! Partner with the right brands at the right time to maximize impact. Even with great ads, most people won’t buy windshield de-icer in the middle of summer.

2. Make it unique. What’s special about the brand you’re trying to promote? Make sure those features are prominent!

3. Keep it simple. People at your business might not even have time to watch 30 seconds of video. The quicker and simpler the delivery, the more memorable it will be.

4. Interactivity can be fun! Customers love to “build their own” pizza, vehicle, or outfit!

5. Reinforce the message. Digital signage is just a small part of the brand experience. Complete it with overhead music, overhead messaging, your regular advertisements, and on-hold messages!


(image courtesy renjith krishnan)