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Digital agencies representing a range of clients are discovering that Enplug is a valuable addition to their portfolio of services. Clients need only TVs and a wifi connection, while the agencies can then do all the rest remotely.

1. Event presentation

Digital agencies can use Enplug to help their clients create more engaging trade show booths and event experiences. Instead of just displaying static content like images and videos about the vendor’s new product and social media updates about the product, agencies can use TV screens with Enplug to stream engaging content for their client.

And the best part? The same Enplug devices and services can be used for multiple events a month.

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With Enplug-powered TV screens the content at events can be changed to target specific audiences. Audiences at a car show can be shown different content than audiences at a flower show. And showing content in different languages is also easy with Enplug-powered TV screens.

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2. Messaging clients’ audiences

Another use of Enplug-powered TV screens are for messaging clients’ external and internal audiences. For example, retail clients can advertise promotions and product benefits as part of an engaging streaming content mix. Or non-profit organizations can message their employees to provide feedback on the nonprofit’s outreach efforts.

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3. Managing clients’ social media

Agencies can create and manage content for their clients as a value-added service. Social media, graphics and videos for ads, employee recognition, and upcoming events and promotions can all be created by the agencies and managed remotely. By utilizing social management via the Enplug dashboard, agencies can save time for their clients and ensure that all social shared content is targeted.

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4. A/B testing

Digital agencies can experiment with A/B testing within the Enplug dashboard to tweak clients’ messages and streaming content. The results of this A/B testing can lead to the development of stronger advertising messages for the clients.

For clients looking to increase their social media engagements, agencies can use A/B testing to evaluate different campaigns. Enplug’s built-in analytics enables agencies to measure changes in social media impressions over time.


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