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Digital signage for service companies such as law firms, medical offices, insurance brokers, banks and other similar financial organizations can be very effective communication tools. Let’s look at each of these digital signage service company categories:

  1. Financial institutions
  2. Law and accounting firms
  3. Medical offices and clinics

1) Financial institutions — banks, mortgage brokers, credit unions

Financial institutions often have required information to be conveyed to customers and potential customers. While emails, newsletters and advertisements can be used for this purpose, digital signage is an opportunity to cut through the information clutter that we all experience.

Digital signage software displayed on large TV screens when customers and potential customers visit the financial institutions can effectively share important information as well as entertain people waiting in line to be helped.

Enplug’s App Market offers 21 applications (and growing) that enable a wide range of content to be shared, including news feeds, company information, sports scores, and so much more.

Enplug’s Graphics & Video App can enable financial institutions to promote new financial products or services while providing important information, such as advice on getting flood or earthquake insurance.

With Enplug’s Zoning App, important information can display continually on one part of the screen (such as an interest rate change), while rotating content can be displayed on a different part of the screen.

Zoning app digital signage


2) Law and accounting firms

The reception areas of personal service companies such as law and accounting firms are ideal for digital signage software on large display screens. Both entertaining content as well as informative content can be shared, including news feeds, weather, and sports scores.

In addition, information related to the work of the firms can be displayed. Want to remind law firm clients that they should have estate plans? Include this information via digital signage. Or want to explain a new deduction on tax returns? Put this information on your firm’s display screens.

3) Medical offices and clinics

Waiting for an appointment in medical offices or clinics can be nerve wracking. Why not entertain patients with engaging content instead of returns of TV shows or advertisements from third parties?

With the ease-of-use of Enpug’s dashboard you can program a wide range of content across multiple screens.  For example, as a patient moves from exam room to X-ray and back to the exam room, the patient can view continuous content on the display screens in each location.

Yelp Lobby Digital Signage

Bonus: Yelp reviews for service companies

Yelp and Tripadvisor reviews can be powerful marketing messaging for businesses. Enplug’s apps (Social Media Wall App for Yelp and Tripadvisor App for Tripadvisor) enable companies to display their 4 and 5 star reviews to provide social proof — and to encourage new customers to write their own Yelp reviews.  Read a post about increasing positive Yelp reviews.

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