interior bank waiting room with a display on wall

How to build meaningful branded conversations in credit union branches with Enplug signage

While some financial institutions have struggled to catch up with new technologies, the Washington State Employee Credit Union (WSECU) has been a leader in the area. Our latest digital signage for banking case study shares how the WSECU team is using Enplug’s software to turn branch screens into a powerful marketing tool.

Digital signage screen in a Washington State Employee Credit Union branch

Marketing to customers in credit union branches

When customers enter a financial branch they know exactly what they’re there to do. Part of creating an excellent customer experience is making it easy for them to do just that: make a deposit, withdraw funds or ask about a home loan. 

But keeping customers happy isn’t enough for financial institutions to remain competitive.

Increasing awareness and adoption of additional products and services while customers are visiting a branch can make or break customer loyalty.  To do this, marketers have to both present a unified brand voice and create personalized customer experiences – all at branches that are often hundreds of miles away from each other.

So, can you engage customers on a local level while still promoting consistent brand messaging?

Yes, you can. In fact, our study shows how WSECU meets this challenge everyday at their 21 branches with digital signage powered by Enplug.

After an initial experience with another digital signage provider, WSECU launched signage with Enplug and discovered the value of:

  • Greater awareness of their products and services
  • Cost savings on branch marketing materials
  • Increased customer engagement

Download the full credit union case study to find out how Washington state’s second-largest bank grew product awareness and brand equity across branches state-wide.