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Although the world of technology is constantly advancing, it can take a little longer for schools to catch up. Educational organizations have to be certain that a change is worthwhile both financially and academically. But when a new tool is proven to be valuable, students and school administrators benefit. Digital signage in schools is one of those tools.

With the right software, schools can display school news, educational videos, urgent announcements, student projects and more with ease on digital displays across buildings. How do students, teachers, and staff benefit from this capability?

Fremont College Internal Communications

Digital Signage in Schools

Higher Education:

Universities and colleges across the US are already using Enplug’s digital signage software across their campuses to improve campus communications and enhance the learning experiences of their students.

One good example is Fremont College, which uses digital signage software to share messaging for students and staff alike across its campus.

The University of Southern California uses digital signage software to run content on large displays for their Commencement and other major events.

Enplug social media app at USC commencement

K-12 School Districts:

Some school districts are also using educational signage to share information across multiple locations with notable success. Palmdale School District uses Enplug to manage communications across the 30 schools in their district.

Below are just some of the ways digital signage for schools will elevate education for future generations:

Keeping Information Centralized

Every educational institution has struggled at some point with getting information to students in a timely and effective manner. Whether it’s informing students about an upcoming assembly, sharing directions during a fire alarm or other incident, or advising them which classroom they should be in on their first day of class, there is always a need. And while many systems have been utilized to address this issue, very few can match the convenience or the user-friendliness of digital signage. Not convinced? Think about how often emails go unread, voicemails go unheard, and letters get left in the bottom of backpacks. Keeping any student body up-to-date with all the information they require is a challenge. But if that information is dependably available via digital signage in schools, pressure can be alleviated for staff members and students alike.

Palmdale school district welcome

Building on School Spirit

Today more than ever, a student’s academic performance is considered the most important attribute of his or her schooling. But effective administrators and engaged parents alike know that encouraging active participation in campus life, athletics, and club involvement does not deter from a rich academic life, but further develops it.  . From celebrating with their teammates after a school sports game, to standing together with their peers to support a common cause, student life is about far more than just books and lessons. So why not capture the attention of your students by highlighting these aspects of their educational journeys? Digital signage solutions for schools allow you to do just that! Share highlight videos from your school’s latest major sporting event, display extracurricular activity calendars where students can see them, promote committee meetings, or even feature tweets from your student population! The opportunities are endless.

Fast and Effortless Feedback

We all know that in order to keep an audience engaged, we have to understand our target market. For schools, the target market is all students who have enrolled at your facility. But how are you identifying what your student population wants? How do you know what they are interested in? Or what they don’t like about their learning environment? Digital signage in schools make it much easier to gather valuable feedback from students and better understand their needs. The signs allow you to simply conduct polls and surveys, process the data, and display it in a visibly appealing way. No more guessing which ideas will fly and which ones will flop!

Educational signage is easy to implement. Simply plug your media player device into any display screen, connect to your Wi-Fi, and begin exploring the user-friendly interface.

When you compare this to other educational communication methods like custom websites, intercoms, or mass SMS services, digital signage content is not only straightforward to install and use, but is considerably more cost effective.

With people now consuming content more frequently than they ever have before, being able to present information in a fascinating and conspicuous manner has never been more imperative. Students are no longer willing to seek materials and resources to the extent others have in the past. And who can blame them? The world is essentially in the palm of their hands with the popularity of smartphones and social media.

So why not do things a little differently and try digital signage solutions for schools?