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How trending health news keeps your content fresh and engaging

They say no news is good news, but is it? Sharing useful information with your customers, employees or patients is one of the best ways to build trust in your business. And of all your content options, health news is at the top of the list. Sharing the latest information on wellness, nutrition, prevention and more can make your business a healthy and happy environment – even in times of uncertainty.

At Enplug, we’ve heard that there are two big challenges to easily sharing reliable health and safety tips on healthcare digital signage. The first challenge is making sure that any medical content you share comes from a reputable source and delivers information that your audience can act on. The second challenge is finding and sharing trending health content quickly so that the information you display is always fresh.

Health news from the CDC Twitter feed displayed in a clinic waiting room
Share the latest health news from trusted sources to keep patients and staff informed.

7 Tools to Display the Latest Health News and Content

With the right tools and resources it’s easy to get started sharing current health news on digital displays throughout your office, medical clinic or business location. You can even share it with employees working from home if you choose a corporate screensaver. So, if the wellness of your staff and patients is your top priority, here’s the content tools and resources that will make your content strategy a success.

1. Free Signs and Posters from Recognized Health Organizations

You can download signs and tips produced by health organizations like the WHO and the CDC.  Tips from these reliable sources can be displayed across your signage network to promote healthy practices. In fact, our coronavirus digital signage templates are based on information from the WHO and CDC and can be activated in the COVID-19 Safety App. You can also download the signs and simply upload them to Enplug’s Graphics and Video App. And there’s an added benefit: Using digital screens instead of posters allows you to remotely manage content and reduce the contamination risk that comes with physically printing a poster.

Hand washing sign from CDC health news
Share tips on hand washing and more from the CDC

2. COVID-19 Health Videos on YouTube

You’ll find plenty of coronavirus-related videos on YouTube, but choose from the most reputable channels. Again, great resources are available from the CDC YouTube channel and the WHO YouTube channel

3. Enplug Coronavirus News App

Keep your employees, customers and patients up-to-date with the latest coronavirus news from Reuters. Enplug’s Coronavirus News App updates with the latest health news headlines from one of the world’s most respected news sources. Just activate the app and your screens will show fresh content that includes an image, headline and description from the latest health articles on the COVID-19 outbreak.

Screenshot of Health News from the Enplug Coronavirus News App
Use the Coronavirus News App for the top updates

4. Custom Twitter Health News Feed

Health news changes constantly, so it’s no surprise that one of the best places to discover the latest content is Twitter. It’s also easy to make sure the information you share from Twitter is accurate and correct if you follow verified accounts from health and medical experts. Here’s how to set up a custom curated Twitter feed on your displays using Enplug’s Twitter App.

Choose your content sources

To display updated and real-time Tweets from reliable health resources, login to your Enplug Dashboard and add the Twitter App. Give your Twitter feed a descriptive name so you can find the content later.

Since you can add up to 5 accounts to display, you can share a mix of owned and curated content. Your own Twitter account can keep your team aware of what your health and wellness policies are. For curated content, try these reliable sources for COVID-19 information:

  • A globally trusted medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine: @NEJM
  • The Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: @DrTedros
  • The World Health Organization: @WHO
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC): @CDCgov
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: @HHSGov
  • Global Health Now by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health: @ghn_news
Enplug Twitter App UI
Choose the style for your Twitter feed display

Style your feed and enable settings

Now that you’ve chosen the best sources for your health news, you can style your feed. Choose from our pre-made templates or create a custom theme with your brand colors. You can also choose what size image you want to display in the feed. To highlight that you’re using reliable sources, we recommend the following settings:

  • After adding Twitter accounts to your feed, enable “Show Account Tweets” and disable “Show Account Mentions.” This will ensure you only display content from the sources you have chosen.
  • In the Image Formatting box, select the “Show Twitter Icon” option so that the source of your content is displayed.
  • Exclude posts older than 2 days to show only the most up-to-date information

For detailed instructions on using the Twitter App see our support article.

5. Custom Health Content RSS Feeds

Use Enplug’s News App to quickly create a customized feed of health and wellness content that’s relevant to your customers and employees. You can choose from local outlets, national outlets or organizations. We recommend RSS feeds that include images and enable QR Codes so your customers and employees can scan to learn more.

Useful health RSS feeds:

6. Enplug COVID-19 Safety App

Enplug’s COVID-19 Awareness App provides prevention information, hygiene tips and other important health-related content. Our content is updated regularly with new tips on topics like hand washing and workplace decontamination, all designed to help keep your team and customers safe.

7. Enplug Daily Health Tips App

Promoting wellness is especially important during a health crisis. In order to do this, you should display not only  COVID- 19 information, but also other health information like tips on exercise, diet and more. Add the Enplug Daily Health Tips App in your dashboard and you can show a variety of tips highlighting the importance of health and the well being of your customers and employees.