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All audiences for streaming content are not created equal, yet the power of Enplug-powered TV screens is that tailored streaming content can be displayed to segmented audiences. Whether your organization is local, regional or global, you can segment your audience members by interest to optimize capturing their attention.

Yet before you do this, you need to ensure that the TV screens are ideally placed for displaying that segmented streaming content. Are you confident that you have placed the screens where the most people can see these?

For example, if you have a restaurant and are using only one Enplug-powered TV screen, consider whether the placement of the screen is visible to the largest number of restaurant patrons. Sticking the TV screen on the way to the restrooms is probably not ideal.

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Okay, you have reviewed where your Enplug-powered TV screens are located and we can return to the consideration of tailoring content for diverse audiences.

Imagine your organization is a children’s clothing store. Clearly the content you choose to stream should feature information of interest to parents of young children. Health news regarding vaccination schedules, features about bullying on the playground, and computer games that encourage math skills could all be appropriate interspersed with messaging about your clothing store.

A more complicated decision matrix would be required for a restaurant chain that had restaurants in several different neighborhoods in one large city or in several cities across a large region. For example, one restaurant’s clientele may be composed of a large number of Spanish speakers. In this case consider interspersing content in Spanish with content in English, including the messaging for your own restaurant.

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Geographic differences are also important to consider. Of course, regional sports teams are an obvious choice for tailored content. But what about cultural differences? Streaming content for a restaurant in Venice, California, for example, might offer the opportunity for more entertainment information than content for a downtown Los Angeles restaurant that caters to law firms and brokerage houses.

Why is it important to consider diverse audiences when planning your streaming content? Because the goal of optimizing the content you are sharing is to engage customers and employees with your own organization. If you do not provide engaging content to “sandwich” your organization’s messaging, you stand a higher risk of losing the attention span of your audiences.

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Another consideration in planning your streaming content is the time that the audience will be in front of your Enplug-powered screens. If, for example, the screen is in the elevator of a 20-story building, the segments of content must be very short. On the other hand, if the screen is in a restaurant where the food takes at least 20 minutes before being served to customers, the streaming content can be in much longer segments.

Yet even where longer segments make sense, it is a good idea to mix up the streaming content so that one long piece doesn’t follow another long piece. Not every piece of streaming content will appeal to a specific audience even if you have carefully chosen content based on that clientele and location. Interspersing short segments with long segments creates a change of pace that can help to capture distracted attention spans.

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Whatever diverse audiences you are programming for, remember that streaming content is a visual medium. Use visually engaging entertainment and information that captures the eyes of your audience members and keeps their eyes on the screen.