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Wondering where to install digital displays to create the most impact for your marketing or communications initiatives? It’s all about location, location, location – and the right one can make or break your project.



While every venue is different, there are some key strategies you can employ to ensure your digital displays are in the most visible spaces. Below, we cover some considerations for digital signage placement in any venue, and highlight top installation tips on digital displays for both marketing and internal communications:

1. In high traffic areas

Where are the high traffic areas in your venue? You’ll want to place your displays where they’re most visible from high-traffic areas. For areas where people are constantly moving, like an entrance hallway, you want to use static content because people will see your displays for less time. Areas where people tend to dwell, like an elevator or lobby, are great to display dynamic content because viewers have more time to look at your displays.

2. At eye level

Even if your screens are running the most engaging content, if you place your displays outside the field of vision, you won’t have the best results. The height and angle of your displays is important because without proper placement your customers can potentially miss your content altogether. Place your screens directly at eye-level and allow your customers to naturally discover them. If you do place your signs below eye level you should angle them slightly upward, and signs placed above eye level should be angled slightly downward.

3. Close to WiFi routers

If you’re using digital signage that streams content from the Internet, place your displays within the range of your WiFi routers (typically around 150 feet). Double check that your power outlets are close by and that cords can be concealed to prevent interference. Many digital signage players also support ethernet, which is typically a more stable option.

Displays for Marketing

Installing digital signage in your business helps to promote new products, increase traffic into your storefront, encourage customer interaction, and influence buying potential. However, you’ll need to install your digital signage in the right location to achieve these impacts.

Here are a six locations you can place digital displays throughout your venue to leverage digital signage for marketing.

1. Behind the checkout area: to entertain and upsell

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Displays placed behind your POS system can give customers waiting in line something to focus on while they wait. Use this opportunity to show content that can upsell products close to the register or inform your customers about your business.

This is also a prime time to engage your customers with live social media. Put a prompt on the screen asking your customers to tweet with your hashtag to receive a discount.  

2. Store windows: to drive foot traffic

Placing displays in the front window can help entice customers and drive foot traffic into your store. This positioning is best for businesses inside of large shopping centers where people are constantly passing by.

If your displays face the street, you may need to use a larger screen or rethink placement options inside of your store. Your displays alone won’t do the trick, so be sure to design eye-catching content to elicit curiosity and pull people from outside, inside of your business.

3. Fitting rooms: to influence a buying decision

Shoppers who use the fitting rooms, rather than just browse the sales floor, are 70% more likely to make a purchase. Fitting rooms are a prime opportunity for customers to view your display for an extended amount of time.

Have fitting room attendants offer to take a glamor shot of your customer in the outfit they are trying on, and then encourage the customer to post it on the Instagram wall – this will give the customer a fun interaction and let them let their friends know where they are shopping and what they are getting (market for you).

4. Showroom floors: to inform and convince

Replacing traditional showroom signage with digital displays has several advantages. With digital signage users can upload and manage content remotely and reduce the costs of constantly printing new signs. In addition, you have the ability to be more creative with your promotional content.

Grocery stores could use their digital displays to show cooking tutorials or products on display. Auto dealerships can enhance the entire car buying experience for customers with live social media. Place two screens in different areas and label them “test drivers” and “new car owners.” Have the salesperson take photos after each scenario and add them to your live social media wall.

Below is a video on how Beverly Hills Porsche uses Enplug’s digital displays in their showroom.

5. Within arm’s reach of products: to inform

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.27.38 AM

Via Digital Signage Today

Rolling out a brand new line of products? Place one of your displays at eye level right next to the product. Use it to provide deeper information about the product and showcase what’s new.

6. Valet booth: to guide and instruct

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Give customers a full circle experience with your business. As they are leaving your venue place one of your displays out by the valet booth. Use live social media to encourage some departing moments of interaction. Or angle your displays to welcome patrons and show a business directory.  

Displays for Internal Communications

Finding new and more interesting ways to foster communication around the office is becoming increasingly important. How can companies keep their employees informed and craft a company culture around transparency?

Digital signage is an easy solution to communicate without overloading emails. Here are five locations to place your displays in the office:

1. Conference rooms: for collaboration

unnamed (1)

Don’t let your conference room displays sit idle when no one is presenting. Instead, use these displays to communicate and encourage collaboration. Run graphics and videos with motivational quotes to support creative sessions among your team. Show live dashboards and KPI graphs during meetings to keep everyone informed. When someone is presenting, they can simply switch the TV’s input source and connect their laptop for PowerPoints.

2. Break room: for company-wide announcements

Employees tend to spend an extended amount of time in the kitchen and break room areas. Use your displays here to announce the upcoming company happy hour or any other important company-wide announcements.

3. Manufacturing lines: for safety regulation reminders  

If your staff works in demanding conditions like a large plant or on manufacturing lines, they probably aren’t able to check email frequently. Displays placed in these areas will keep them informed and engaged in what’s going on in the company. In addition, use your displays to show safety regulations and remind your staff to take precautions at all times.

4. Elevators: for breaking industry news


Keep your team on the cusp of trends and news in your industry by placing your displays in or near the office elevators. Pull content from top blogs like Forbes or Entrepreneur and display your own company blog as well. When employees enter the elevator to begin work or head out on the way home, they will have an extended amount of time to engage with the current headlines.

5. Building lobbies: for social media engagement

These are the perfect high-traffic areas to place your displays. Not only will your employees frequently engage with your content, but visitors to your venue can experience your modern technology at work. Enable live social media feeds for your company and encourage engagement from both your guests and employees.


Whether you are using digital displays to leverage your marketing strategy or enhance the company culture at your business, calculated placement is essential. Be sure to target high traffic areas, and position your displays within the normal field of view to get the best results from your display network.

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