An excellent hold messaging system has two primary pieces. One element is the actual script and message. The other piece is the voice and sound that deliver it.  

Selecting the sound for your professional answering service is just as important as selecting the words for your script. So as you get ready to upgrade your hold message system, don’t rush through this process.

Spend some time reviewing on-hold message samples to find the perfect voice (or music) to convey your brand’s tone and character.


Browse By Style

If you’re using a scripted spoken message for your answer service, start by thinking about the style of the voiceover. Consider the type character you would want to represent your business.

  • Is the person upbeat and energetic or professional and authoritative?
  • Does the person speak like a friend or a news announcer?
  • Is their voice soft and warm or deep and deliberate?

If it’s hard to imagine the voice that would speak for your brand, try this. Imagine that you could hire any spokesperson (actor, politicians, TV anchor, athlete, or even a person you know personally) to be the main representative of your brand. Now, match the characteristics of the voiceover to your ideal spokesperson.

Listen to hold message samples of female voices to see if they best represent the tone you want to convey. (Check out our entire library of women voiceover samples.)


Susan W.


Then, listen to a few male voiceovers to see if that is a better fit. (Listen to our entire list of male hold message samples.)


Bill E.


Once, you decide on a gender for your voice talent, dive deeper into the nuances of their delivery. Voice talent for on-hold messaging comes in a variety of styles so look for the narration that best represents your brand.


Is it cheerful and optimistic?


Sabrina C.


Down to earth and relatable?


Art T.


Polished and corporate?


Kymberli C.


Or something different?

Spectrio has a full library of voice samples to help you find what you are looking for. But if you still aren’t sure what style of voice is best for your business, try browsing by industry.


Browse By Industry

Get an idea of how other businesses have chosen their branded voice talent by listening to hold message samples organized by industry.

You don’t have to replicate the exact sound of others in your industry, but hearing examples may spark some ideas for defining your own sound.

We offer styles in industries ranging from hospitality to beauty and healthcare to air conditioning repair, and everything in between.


Medical–John R.


Building Supply: Lisa J.


To help you find what you’re looking for and get fully inspired, Spectrio has a collection of over 25+ voiceover samples by industry.


Browse By Language

As you select voice talent for your messaging, don’t forget to think about any special requests you may have.

If you need to share your message in multiple languages, look for a voice artist who is bilingual. Or, hire more than one artist so your message is clearly delivered in each language you need to represent.

Paul H: Spanish Male

Sylvie: French Female


Listen to hold message samples by international voice artists and decide if your brand voice needs to be shared in multiple languages to fully serve your audience.


Browse By Message

When you pick a sound for your professional answering service, it also helps to think about the actual message the voice talent will be delivering.

As you think about what the phone attendant should sound like, think about what they will be saying. Listen to a few IVR Prompts and Auto Attendant Greetings to get live-action examples of how the messages sound.


Blue Cross

Browse By Musical Genre

If you went through this process, listened to multiple hold message samples, and still found that none of the voiceovers quite clicked with your business — you have another option.

On-hold music is another way to connect with callers and keep them on the line. The right music sets the tone for your brand, engages callers, and decreases the likelihood that callers will hang up while on hold.

Did you know 60% of callers hang up when left on hold in silence? Check out other stats that prove the customer calling experience still matters.

So if on-hold messaging didn’t fit with your business, listen to music samples in a variety of genres to find the right sound for your customers and clients.



Contemporary Holiday


Using Hold Message Samples To Pick the Right Sound

After listening to a variety of hold message samples, you probably have a good idea about the possibility of the sounds you can create through your professional answering service.

Now, as you make the next step to implement your new hold message, remember the other possibilities and opportunities that come with a professional answering service.

With a professional hold-message strategy in place:

  • Callers stay on the line longer
  • Customers can find the information they need faster
  • The caller’s wait feels shorter
  • Customers are entertained
  • Oh-hold messaging or music decreases caller frustration
  • Messages build trust and reinforce branding
  • There is a decreased strain on human resources
  • Information educates and informs customers
  • Messages can increase sales

People who call your business are extremely engaged with your business. Don’t let this hot prospect fall through the cracks by leaving them on the phone in silence and failing to provide a professional customer calling experience.

Don’t get overwhelmed by your options, and move forward with your plan to pick a new voice talent or music genre for your hold messaging sooner than later.  

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