Many companies are changing over to Voice over IP phone systems because of cost savings and flexibility of use. Is your company making the switch? Don’t forget about your callers!

Some VoIP systems come with generic on-hold music as an added “feature.” This music is often chintzy and repetitive (and a total turn-off for your repeat callers who are used to your high-quality on-hold messages from Spectrio). In fact, hearing this new music could lead customers to believe your company is cutting back when in fact you’ve been investing in your business so that you can better serve them.

What to do?

If you’re a Spectrio customer and your company is switching to a VoIP phone system, have no fear! You can still give your callers a top-notch hold experience. We are able to provide your on-hold productions in any audio format. Just let us know when it’s time to update and we’ll make the switch in our records.

For the record, here are the most common VoIP audio file types we’ve come across:

-8k mulaw mono .wav

-8k 16bit PCM .wav

-16k 16bit PCM .wav

-8k mono .vox


If you’ve made the switch to VoIP but you’re not sure what file type you need, your phone vendor should have that information. But if not, we are happy to try to help you figure it out…all you have to do is ask!

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