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Oh, now you want to know WHY you shouldn’t? Of course we have reasons!

As we mentioned in this recent post, playing anything over your phone lines (such as radio on hold) is considered by law to be public performance. If you don’t hold licenses for the copyrighted songs that are played over the radio, you are not allowed to play those songs via your phone lines. You could get “caught” by one of the licensing companies, and then you’ll either have to pay their licensing fees or you could be taken to court.

Another reason you shouldn’t play the radio on hold? You might inadvertently advertise for your competition. Think about it. Your caller is holding, waiting to ask you a question about YOUR company, and they hear an ad for your competitor up the road that mentions a better selection, a lower price, or faster service. Do you think that caller is going to hold much longer?

So, if you don’t want to potentially get hit with huge license fees or a lawsuit, and you don’t want to lose customers to your competition that may be advertising on the same radio station you’re playing for your callers on hold, we’d recommend an alternative on hold solution.

Spectrio messages on hold can help you build your brand, coordinate with your marketing efforts, and keep your callers entertained while holding for YOUR company. When you’re our customer, you don’t have to worry about license fees. Everything is included in our service, from creative writing, to professional voice talent, to excellent audio production and top-notch customer service.

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