Your business’s brand is more than just visuals. Audio branding is another powerful way to get customers invested in who your business is and why they should invest their time–and money–into you. A 2016 study on long-term noise recognition found that even meaningless audio patterns were recognizable for up to 4 weeks after they were first heard, even if the listener only heard the sounds once.

Meaningful sound, like an audio brand, coupled with context, ensures that your business will be remembered for a long time. Audio branding works together with your other branding efforts to create a stable image in clients’ minds about who you are, what you do, and what you stand for.

What is Audio Branding?

Audio branding, also called an audio logo, is a wide term that encompasses the use of sound and music to reinforce your brand identity in consumers’ minds. Jingles, tones, and even spoken slogans are all forms of audio branding.

Audio branding is found most commonly in radio and television advertising, but those aren’t the only places you can make use of them. You can place your audio branding in your phone system’s on-hold message, or even play it at regular intervals on your store’s music playlist.

Famous Examples of Audio Logos

Nearly every major brand has an audio logo. The most successful are those that are short, easily recognizable, and memorable.

NBC broadcasting is famous for their three-tone chime. Viewers know what they’re watching without ever seeing the simple, yet recognizable, multi-colored peacock logo on their screen.

The popular Law and Order television franchise is instantly known by its iconic “doink-doink” – a combination of multiple sounds that’s become the show’s hallmark. The audio branding was so successful that the producers even ran an advertising campaign focusing solely on the sound.

Mobile device manufacturer Nokia has a longer audio logo than the aforementioned two, but it’s synonymous with the brand itself. Nokia used the jingle as the default ringtone for its mobile phones right from the start of the brand. There’s hardly a person who doesn’t recognize it, even if they don’t quite remember where it’s from.

Examples of Audio Branding You Can Use

Consistency in your branding efforts isn’t just helpful: it’s imperative. If your branding efforts are all over the place, customers and clients are less likely to remember you. At best, they can be overwhelmed by mixed messages. At worst, they can become confused about who you are or what company the brand represents.

While not all of your audio branding efforts need to be identical, they should share a common theme. For example, look at the successful branding and rebranding of Budweiser beer over the years. Although the different marketing campaigns run by the company have had different mascots, logos, and even songs, they all feature similar elements: endearing animal companions and short, catchy ways to say the brand’s name.

Taking a page from Budweiser’s book, it’s possible to have variation among your audio branding by presenting your audio logo in different ways. A smooth jazz version that’s still recognizable as yours can play during your on-hold message as customers wait to speak to a representative, while a rock-themed version of your audio logo might do well in a high-powered television ad campaign.

Making the Most of Your Audio Branding

Audio branding isn’t just a way to get clients and customers to remember your business: you can also use the power of music to make listeners feel a certain way about your product or service. For example, the McDonald’s audio branding that precedes their “I’m Lovin’ It” slogan uses tones that encourage the listener to feel happy, upbeat, and positive. The snap, crackle, and pop of the Rice Krispies audio brand evokes a silly, carefree feeling reminding adults of their childhood and encouraging younger consumers to embrace the fun of the cereal.

Making the most of your audio branding means knowing your target audience: what do they like? What makes them happy? What tones and songs appeal to them? Strong market research is already a part of successfully branding your business, but few market surveys think to ask about client listening habits.

Creating an Effective Audio Brand

Making a memorable, effective audio brand for your business requires a bit of research and effort. A successful audio logo can elevate your company from one of many offering the same services or products to a household name.

Audio branding is a complex field and developing a sound that matches your brand as well as evokes the correct feelings from listeners takes work. It’s usually worth it to invest in professional help to create your audio brand and utilize it to its full potential in radio and television ad spots, as well as on your in-store playlists and on your telephone on-hold message.

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