Spectrio - Examples of Spectrio product usage around a storefront, including digital signage and overhead music

Since more than 80% of purchases occur in brick-and-mortar stores, according to the National Retail Federation, incorporating efficient advertisement methods that take advantage of your business’s physical space is fundamental.

In this case, Spectrio’s In-Store Retail Media Network Solutions can be your knight in shining armor, ready to save the day.

Spectrio designs cutting-edge solutions to turn your business into an immersive and engaging environment ideal for shopping and advertising.

In-Store Retail Media can enable you to meet and connect directly with consumers during their shopping journey, opening up more opportunities for your business and keeping you ahead of competitors.

Tag along as we discuss five ways In-Store Retail Media Solutions by Spectrio can contribute to your business’s success.

Improve Customer Experience

As a business owner, you want your customers to have a remarkable shopping experience whenever they visit your premises. The better the experience consumers get in your retail space, the more often they return to shop.

With an In-Store Retail Media Network like digital signage, you can attract customers’ attention and encourage engagement with enthralling visual content. Some, such as interactive kiosks, give shoppers access to valuable information, product comparisons, and customer reviews – allowing them to make more informed decisions.

Creating custom content for In-Store Retail Media that aligns with consumers’ unique needs is essential to unlocking the networks’ full potential.

Deliver Targeted Advertising for Your Business and Others

Marketing is more profound when you promote the right products to the intended consumers.

Fortunately, In-Store Retail Media Network enables you to cleverly convey targeted ads to consumers when they’re more receptive to purchasing. In-Store Retail Media Network is designed by Spectrio to have automatic updating and live content deployment capabilities. As a result, you can configure them to target different consumers based on their interests, preferences, and demographics.

For instance, you can play overhead music combined with strategic messaging in your retail store. While the music promotes engagement, the messaging can pique customers’ interest in a product, inform them of available offers, and reinforce purchase intent.

Beyond promoting your own products, Spectrio’s In-Store Retail Media Network also provides an excellent opportunity to monetize your retail space by advertising for other businesses. By incorporating programmatic-driven advertisements on your digital signage, overhead music, and even your local WiFi portal, you can transform your store into a branded in-store digital channel that not only informs and entertains but also generates additional revenue.

Spectrio’s platform is designed for ease of use and integration, allowing you to incorporate any on-premise digital touchpoint into your Retail Media Network effortlessly. By doing so, you can leverage comprehensive visitor profiles to increase CPM rates, offset infrastructure costs, and create new revenue streams.

Our solutions offer multiple audience measurement options to report ad impressions, giving you precise data on the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Whether it’s indoor screens, outdoor screens, window displays, WiFi portals, or even mobile phones and overhead music, Spectrio provides the tools you need to deliver targeted ads to your audience effectively.

Increase Sales and Revenue

By targeting customers at the point of purchase, In-Store Retail Media boasts incredible conversion rates compared to other marketing strategies. Promoting specific products and services to high-intent customers who are actively shopping can result in impulse buying and increased sales. It’s advisable to include cross-selling and upselling techniques to encourage your shoppers to buy particular goods and services in order to ramp up sales.

Build Brand Awareness

In-Store Retail Media can be crucial in improving brand awareness. The media networks provide dynamic screens for displaying relevant brand campaigns, promotions, and stories at strategic points in your outlet.

Employing retail media to provide video marketing content throughout your store will reinforce your business’s brand identity to consumers. The increased brand awareness will not only attract new potential customers to your retail business but also boost brand loyalty and trust among existing clients.

Receive Data-Driven Insight

Another incredible thing about In-Store Retail Media Network Solutions is their ability to collect data-driven insights. Since some of the most prominent internet browsers, including Safari, Firefox, and Google, began phasing out third-party cookies — making them an unsustainable source of data for marketers — brands turned to retail media networks as alternative advertising channels.

In-Store Retail Media collects first-party data generated by consumers as they are shopping. The collected data usually includes customer preferences, demographics, and interactions. You can harness the collected data to swiftly optimize store arrangement, improve marketing strategies, and manage inventory to render your business prosperous and increase your return on investment.

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