When someone walks into your restaurant or hotel, you want to make them feel at home, especially if the guest is far from their own. Most hospitality businesses know this. They put an emphasis on creating an atmosphere that is warm, comfortable, inviting, and safe.

But many fail to focus on providing a piece of the puzzle that adds to the ease of their guest’s visit — delivering useful information in a clear and interesting way.

Information in restaurants, hotels, and resorts is frequently difficult to find, read, or care about. It often looks drab and outdated and is not positioned to effectively help and entertain guests.

That is not the case when digital signs are in place.

Digital signage can improve a guest’s visit all while making a location look more modern and upscale. Here are the best ways to utilize digital signage in hospitality locations such as hotels, resorts, and restaurants.

A “Virtual Concierge”

A concierge helps guests adjust to their new location. They provide information about the area, introduce them to nearby amenities, and help them register for events and activities.

But in a digital world, many guests and visitors, especially millennials, want to be able to find information on their own. They don’t always want to speak face-to-face with a concierge and often prefer doing research on their own. So, you can use digital displays or kiosks to deliver information to your guests on-demand on their own time.  

Digital signage displays information your guests will find useful such as:

  • Hotel Daily Events
  • Details of Local Events
  • Additional Offerings and Amenities of the Hotel
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Snow Reports (for ski resorts)
  • Beach Reports (for beach resorts)

Your digital display is also a classy way to display the fine print about your location such as rules for the pool, gym, etc. And your signage can double as a marketing tool. You can also display reward programs and promotions offered by the hotel by adding marketing media or placing a banner around the content.

Digital signs work best in waiting areas and locations with high foot-traffic such as spaces near:

  • Service Desks
  • Elevators
  • Taxi or Valet Waiting Area
  • Gift Shops
  • Exits to Beach
  • Exits to Sky Lifts

Digital displays are a helpful way to provide information. But remember that many guests still like the availability of a real person. Providing a concierge in addition to your display board is a good practice.

A Conference Directory and Event Guide

Conferences at a hotel or resort can be small with a few dozen guests or large with thousands of attendees. But no matter the size of the event, you need to have prominent signage that guides visitors through the event.

Digital signage is an ideal way to present event info. They are easy to adjust, customize, and update information such as an:

  • Event Directory – You can easily display the agenda, speaker details, and times and locations of events.
  • Wayfinding – In a large space, use signs as a way to direct people around the conference and highlight special points of interest.
  • Content from Event Sponsors – Sponsors pay to promote their brand or company alongside the event, so use digital displays to post their brand name and marketing materials throughout the location.  

Utilizing digital signage is a good way to take an event or conference at your location up a notch. It is also a good selling point when negotiating with brands or business considering using your location for an event.

A Look Into Your Dining Options

Digital signage is a great way to introduce your guests to your menu offerings and restaurant.

Digital menu boards help customers make selections by displaying images of food items and upgrade options. Digital menus boards also benefit the management of a restaurant. Because you can easily modify the contents of a menu board, managers can quickly remove or add items to help manage inventory and daily specials.

If the restaurant is one of many at your resort or hotel, you can also use digital displays to help guests make dining decisions. The display can be placed outside of the restaurant to show images of the interior and menu items so guests can decide which restaurant best matches their needs and cravings.

In-room Entertainment

Custom video presentations are not reserved for digital displays around your location. You can also integrate them with in-room television entertainment.

You can create a custom video that welcomes your guests when they turn on their television. The platform can entertain and inform by sharing:

  • Private Label Television
  • features on nearby restaurants or attractions
  • previews of available entertainment
  • trivia or interesting facts about the property or area
  • promotions for events at the hotel

Entertainment In Waiting or Sitting Areas

Digital displays can also provide entertainment outside of guest rooms. Don’t bombard guests with information overload with your signage. Use displays in sitting or waiting areas like hotel lobbies or casual dining areas to inform and entertain.  

Consider the profile of your typical guest and deliver entertainment that will make their wait seem more enjoyable.

You may want to stream a Private-Label entertainment program if your location caters to business professionals traveling for work. Or if your hotel is located near family-oriented tourist locations, you may want to deliver cartoons, games, and other content that younger kids will enjoy.

The best benefit of using digital signage in your location is that the display are fully customizable and easy to change.

You can quickly modify your display to provide timely information and create custom content that perfectly matches your audience all while enhancing your guest’s experience.

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