Regardless of the industry your business is in, it’s likely that you, your competitors, and your neighbors leverage weekly, monthly, or annual incentives to attract the attention of potential customers. Discounts and promotional items have been proven to increase sales and improve customer opinions. One of the most common marketing strategies centers around holidays–and Labor Day is no exception. 

From grills to mattresses to travel packages, the majority of retailers offer top ticket items at a discounted price in the two weeks leading up to the holiday. But how can your business stand out amongst the slashed prices and enticing offers swirling around Labor Day? These 5 ideas may help. 

Use Digital Signage to Promote Popular Items

Get customers’ attention the minute they enter your business. Digital signage can be customized to advertise your Labor Day discounts, making visitors aware of what’s on offer from their first step inside the door. Screens can also be scheduled to cycle through various images or promotional content as Labor Day gets closer. 

Announce Price Cuts and Discounts with Overhead Music and Messaging

While many customers may be drawn in by visuals advertising your Labor Day discounts, others may respond better to overhead messaging during their visit. Direct their attention to your ongoing sales with branded, direct messaging peppered in between songs that fit your business’s personality. 

Example: “Did you know we’re offering 50% off on all patio furniture from now until Labor Day? Head over to aisle 12 to see what we have in stock!”

Keep Over the Phone Customers Informed with On-Hold Messaging

Of course, in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, some customers may not feel comfortable venturing to an on-premise location, even with safety precautions in place. However, you can easily keep them aware of Labor Day sales and promotions by modifying your on-hold messaging. When they call in for questions regarding curbside pick-up or store hours, you can include the option to learn more about the discounts offered for the holiday.

Example: “Labor Day is almost here and so are our hottest deals of the summer. Press 4 to learn more.”

Show Savings in Action with Interactive Kiosks

Interactive kiosks can provide customers with a hands-on way to see all of the money they’re saving. This software allows them to view items they wish to purchase at their discounted rates, and can even direct them to the correct spot in your store where they can easily gather them. 

Provide a Customized Shopping Experience with WiFi Marketing

When it comes to modern shopping, more than 83 percent of people interviewed are willing to share their data in order to have a personalized experience. WiFi Marketing not only makes it easier for customers to pull up your business’s coupons and discount codes without having to waste their valuable cellphone data, but it also allows your business to track items they’re interested in. This then allows your most relevant ads to appear on their phones, directing them towards items or deals they’re more likely to purchase. 

Run Your Labor Day Sales Event with Confidence

Labor Day is just one of many holidays that retailers capitalize on to boost sales via discounts and promotions. Using any combination of the tactics we mentioned above can help your business maximize the number of holiday sales amongst current and potential customers. 

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