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Digital signage at physical locations can help overcome the natural urge to share more information than your targeted audiences want or need to know.

Persuasive marketing requires explaining your products or services in terms that resonate with your target audiences rather than in terms that appeal to you.  For example, a tech company may want to focus on the tech specs of its products, while the target audiences are non-tech people who only want to know how the the tech product will make their lives easier.

Let’s look at some examples of how digital signage can help provide the information that resonates with your target audiences:

Social media hashtags promote a brand

The Grand Hyatt New York uses Enplug-enabled social media walls to encourage hotel guests to share their positive experiences. As you can see in the photo below, the hashtag #livinggrandnyc is followed by “See your photo here!”

This is a very effective use of persuasive marketing — emphasizing the message “livinggrand” and encouraging social proof.

Grand Hyatt persuasive marketing

Announce sales promotions on large screens

Sales promotion announcements on little signs stuck in front of promotional items are not the most effective way to highlight specials. Use digital signage software to announce promotions on large display screens throughout your store.

You can promote the items where they are located in the store or promote the items at the checkout counter as in the digital signage example below:

Digital signage app

Share news to create connections

Whether your organization is for-profit or not-for-profit, you want to share your company news to forge stronger connections with your target audiences. Digital signage provides multiple opportunities for providing content from new product announcements to newly posted Yelp reviews to social media shoutouts.

Enplug makes sharing news especially easy because one person can manage content across multiple screens and locations. Just “set and forget” via the Enplug dashboard to update your target audiences with your company news.

Click here to read how Palmdale School District uses Enplug digital signage across the 30 schools in its district.

Tech gifts digital signage

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