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What advantages do digital signage templates and the various tools that offer them give businesses?

For many business owners, having an in-house graphic design team is a far off dream – a convenience and advantage that isn’t in the budget. Yet, even without employees who are dedicated to the task of design, a professional and polished visual identity is a must-have for brands to stand out and build trust.  

In these situations, entrepreneurs and managers are forced to get creative, and they seek out affordable, yet effective solutions they can implement easily.

Digital sign templates are one such solution. These pre-formatted designs allow businesses to customize their content, without the difficulty of developing something from scratch. And with hundreds of pre-made designs to choose from, business owners are still able to find a layout that works for their unique needs.

And the best part? These signage templates come with a wide range of both static and dynamic content options. Whether you want to incorporate static elements like photos or text that remain the same each time they are displayed on your digital signage displays, or you want to incorporate dynamic content that automatically updates depending on the weather, time, or location of your sign, both are options available to you.

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Digital templates approved and distributed by corporate headquarters allow individual business sites to share on-brand messages that are location specific.

But perhaps the most impressive benefit of using a signage template is how much money it can save your company or organization. Many digital signage templates are available at no cost, and those that do come with a price tag are often much more affordable than the rates of professional graphic designers.

So, which digital signage template tools are recommended the most?

Enplug’s cloud-based digital signage software has many templates already built-in. However, if you are looking even more options, we’ve compiled a list of highly trusted resources that can help you develop your own slides and graphics to use on your screens.

Here Are 3 Tools You Can Use to Create Eye-catching Digital Signage Content

1. PowerPoint

Arguably the most common and relied-upon signage template tool, Microsoft PowerPoint allows its users to create presentation-style content in a program that is familiar to most people and straightforward to use.

The greatest advantage of using powerpoint digital signage templates is the sheer number of options there are to choose from. In fact, PowerPoint offers so many templates that there are even designs for specific industries, such as healthcare, education, and hospitality.

PowerPoint also has an extensive selection of transitions and animations that can add a lively spin to your digital signage powerpoint template. From a simple fade-in and fade-out between slides, to complex checkered patterns or quick roll ups for time sensitive locations, PowerPoint has something for every scenario.

The down side? PowerPoint has been known to present issues when accessed from devices other than PC. For this reason, many users stick to creating their PowerPoint content from a single device. This can sometimes be problematic for users who frequently move between devices, or want to be able to work on their signage content from multiple locations.

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Digital signage templates save business owners and communicators time when creating multiple pieces of similar content.

2. Slides Carnival

This website is owned and operated by a freelance interaction designer named Jimena. Much to the benefit of business owners around the world, Jimena has made a selection of her digital signage templates available for free.

From simple, clean designs to data-focused presentations, you’ll find it all at Slides Carnival.

Additionally, all of Jimena’s signage templates are compatible with both PowerPoint and Google Slides, and are fully editable – making it easy to create a look that reflects the visual identity of your business.

Jimena also provides access to a full selection of icons with each of her signage template packages, so you never have to worry about tracking down illustrations on stock photo sites.


If you’re on the hunt for contemporary, distinctive designs that will have viewers admiring your signage, this is the website you’ve been looking for. offers a robust selection of free digital signage templates that make it easier to display data and information in an engaging way.

They also make their designs highly accessible, with templates that are compatible with all three major presentation platforms: PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote.

Many of the digital sign templates found on this site are also created in high-quality formats, meaning you never have to worry about your signage appearing pixelated. In fact, the designs are even printable – giving you the ability to print clear, visible examples of your signage before making it live for the public to see. also offers 24/7 support, so if you ever have questions about your design, or experience trouble customizing your template, there is always someone available to answer your questions.

By taking full advantage of these digital signage template sites, you can ensure that your signs are engaging and captivating at all times.

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