The holiday season is known for its music, food, and of course: presents. Between gifts, food, decorations, and other holiday-related items, shoppers on average spend around $998, according to the National Retail Federation. Your business can easily make the most of the most spending-ist time of the year–but how?

As we’ve noted in previous blogs, digital signage can play a huge role in upselling, cross-selling, and catching the attention of your visitors. We’ve put together a list of holiday digital signage content ideas that can help your business stand out from the crowd and catch those holiday sales. 

Why Bother With Holiday Content?

Holiday-specific content and marketing efforts have been proven to drastically increase the impressions your business makes on potential customers. Click-rates through rates, direct traffic, and overall average order value are also shown to shoot up thanks to holiday-related campaigns. So there’s no reason for your business not to take advantage of the benefits of holiday marketing ideas, including those related to digital signage. 

What Does Holiday Digital Signage Content Look Like?

We’re glad you asked. A good digital signage solution will be able to give your business customizable, adaptable templates that best fit your brand and messaging. It’s no different during the holiday season when messaging takes on a more intense role of salesperson and brand advocate. 

Visitors to malls, local shops, restaurants, and even auto repair shops are used to seeing holiday messaging from November through December. But how can your business leverage this common marketing tactic to make an impression on your customers? 

Examples that can be applied regardless of your business’s industry include: 

  • Display content that announces holiday sales, discounts, or bundles: Despite the nearly $1000 spent by “average” shoppers on holiday-related purchases, not everyone has the budget to drop that much money during the season. These customers will likely be looking for sales, discounts, and bundles that give them the sensation of being thrifty, all while still buying their loved ones the gifts they want. 
  • Messaging relating to store hours: No one wants to show up at your location only to find it closed. Be sure to prominently display your holiday hours–especially if they vary based on employee availability or appointment demand–to head off this mistake. 
  • A holiday countdown clock or calendar: Whether you’re counting down to the holiday itself or just the company party, using your digital signage to show how many days are left between today and your chosen event is a great way to build anticipation and holiday cheer.  
  • Showcase employee costumes, cooking successes, and more: It’s a proven fact that customers enjoy knowing the business they’re shopping at keeps its employees happy. Highlight your staff members’ holiday celebrations by displaying pictures or recipes they’ve chosen to share.
  • Announce holiday contests: Get customers involved by linking your social media channels to on-premise screens. Allow them to tag your business or use certain hashtags to enter themselves into a contest. The prize can be whatever makes the most sense for your business; an item giveaway, a free trial of your product, an appointment of their choosing. 
  • Highlight charity participation: The holiday season is the giving season, after all. If your business is donating either time or money to a charitable organization, you can use your screens to show which employees are volunteering when, how close you are to your overall donation goals, and even what items are most requested by those in need. 

Make the Most of Your Holiday Digital Signage Content

Whether you’re in retail or healthcare, hospitality or the QSR industry, we hope that these holiday digital signage content ideas will bring some cheer–and sales–to your business. Leveraging your digital signage to increase sales and boost customer engagement should be as easy as singing a holiday jingle.

If your business is suffering from the holiday blues brought on by an outdated digital signage solution, schedule a demo with Spectrio today to see how we can turn those frowns upside down!


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