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If you’re looking to increase sales and improve the customer experience, consider investing in digital signage for your auto shop. Clearer pricing and service listings could be the difference between a customer ordering a tire rotation or a full-body tune-up.

Prove That You’re Different From the Competition

According to a survey by Repair Trust, 78% of customers feel like they’re paying too much for a car repair, and 86% of customers believe car repair prices are too high. Simply put, your customers are often suspicious of your prices and business when they enter your shop. This suspicion of mechanics is actually an opportunity for small businesses and auto shops that are trying to compete with big dealerships.

Auto shops can use their digital signage to explain how their prices compete with costly dealerships.

Consider showcasing the average cost your customers would pay at a dealership compared to your business. For example, if you offer an oil change for $30 and the average dealership charges $75, then customers will see that you’re the better deal.

Discount retailers like TJ Maxx do the same thing when they leave the original price tags on their clothes. Customers feel like they’re getting a deal when they see the original prices are much higher than the ones they have to pay.    

These comparison prices don’t have to take up much space on the digital service menu in an auto shop, but they can provide perspective, decrease customer stress, and build trust with your customer base.

Teach Customers About Their Cars and Options

Education is an important aspect of car repairs and maintenance — especially for mechanics that are trying to overcome customer fears of being overcharged. Your customers might understand the importance of changing their oil or getting their tires rotated, but not realize they need to replace their air filters, fix various airflow sensors, or change their spark plugs.

The digital service menu in an auto shop can teach customers about the essential repairs of their vehicles and show how often maintenance is required.

For example, along with the service and the price, an auto shop might feature a timeline for how often services are required. Customers who have been driving for tens of thousands of miles can learn that they’re due for a tire rotation along with their oil change.

Your automotive digital signage also creates opportunities for your associates to teach customers. One of your staff members could explain the significance of checking the air conditioning filters and air flow for the regular maintenance costs in order to save the customer hundreds of dollars in repairs if the AC breaks. The signage conveys information while starting a larger conversation about car care.

Create Packages for Easy Customer Choices

Another way to provide excellent customer experience in the automotive industry by using digital signage is the creation and promotion of maintenance packages. It’s easy for customers who aren’t familiar with car maintenance to feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done to keep their vehicles running. This lack of knowledge leads to distrust and fears about getting overcharged. Auto shops can use digital signage to overcome pricing concerns by creating different package levels with various services.

Within your business, consider creating a basic, standard, and premium package for car maintenance. Customers should clearly and easily see what each package offers and the benefits of paying more. Not only do these options provide clarity and give the customer more (perceived) control, they can also boost your sales.

Your cheapest and most expensive offerings are actually decoy menu items. Customers tend to avoid these items and instead opt for the middle option.

Instead of paying $30 for a simple oil change, they might pay $45 for various other inspections and replacements. This still seems like a deal compared to a $65 premium inspection.

Your customers should be able to walk into your auto shop, see what they need, and make decisions based on various price points. If they can’t do this, then your signage needs work.

Differentiate Optional Upgrades and Cosmetic Improvements

Industry research has found that customers typically either want essential maintenance to their cars (like oil changes and filter replacements) or they want additional upgrades like glass cleaners and wax treatments.

For the average auto shop, this means there are two completely different target audiences. The digital service menu in an auto shop needs to address these audiences separately or risk alienating price-focused customers who worry about getting overcharged.

Consider installing multiple digital menu boards in your auto shop.

Most of the boards can focus on service packages and essential items, while one or two can feature additional add-ons for car enthusiasts to consider. This way your audience won’t get distracted by optional add-ons or feel pressured to pay more than they want to.

Offer Loyalty Options and Long-Term Plans

An additional way to convey trust and value to your customers on your digital signage is through loyalty programs.

Use your signage to promote discounts to customers who participate in loyalty reward options or return to your business multiple times.

For example, customers who return every six months for an oil change or rotate their tires every 5,000 miles could receive discounts if they sign up for your loyalty rewards program. This turns new buyers into loyal customers who return multiple times per year for their car maintenance.

Set Up a Digital Service Menu in Your Auto Shop Today

A digital service menu in an auto shop can either set up a frustrating repair experience or create a positive first experience and long-term customer relationship.

Customers want to know that they’re paying fair prices and making the best choices to stay safe on the road. By clearly conveying your prices and services, you can increase trust and actually encourage your customers to spend more.

If you think your auto shop could benefit from digital signage, contact the team at Spectrio today to discuss your options. Or, click the button below to get our free guide on how to bring the benefits of digital menus to your auto business.