No matter which industry your business operates in, it’s likely that you use some form of digital signage for customer engagement. Why wouldn’t you? These screens are excellent ways to keep your customers engaged and entertained throughout their visit to your on-premise location. But how can your business be sure you’re relying on a great digital signage provider, instead of just an average one?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 qualities great digital signage providers possess and why it’s important to identify them before choosing a system for your business. 

What Makes a Digital Signage Provider Great?

1. The Ability to Create Branded Content

Content on your digital signage shouldn’t feel one-size-fits-all. Your business’s brand, personality, and audience are vastly different than your competitors, and even more so from organizations not in your industry. A QSR’s menu boards shouldn’t look the same as a hospital’s, after all. 

 A great digital signage provider will have the technology to ensure that your business can create content that meets your needs in every way. That can look like:

  • Having a dedicated team of in-house experts ready to work with your team to craft content.
  • An adaptable, pre-made content library for you to browse. 
  • Templates that can be adjusted to fit your brand guidelines. 

The important thing is that your content feels fresh, customized, and in line with your business objectives, no matter if you’re displaying it on one screen or a thousand. 

2. A Cloud-Based Software That Works Anywhere

Cloud-based software has been on the rise for years, and it’s no different for the digital signage industry. Being cloud-based enables your business to easily update, modify, and distribute content from any online device. Rather than having to rely on your provider to make these changes, your team can easily deploy your important content to any screens in your network at the click of a button. 

A great digital signage provider will also ensure that their software is secure and constantly up-to-date. Running a vulnerable or outdated system could spell disaster for your business–and something a great provider will have already considered when creating the software. 

3. A Modern, Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Dashboard

A great digital signage provider will make sure that their system’s dashboard is functional above all else. If the dashboard is difficult or confusing to operate, customers can quickly become frustrated. What’s the point of having technology that’s supposed to enhance your customer engagement efforts if it’s annoying or complicated to use? 

A well-designed system will have a dashboard that any employee can navigate. From content creation to scheduling, this dashboard should make every aspect of distributing the screen images your business wants a breeze. Regardless of the number of screens, your business has, a great dashboard will make transforming them into eye-catching, engaging displays with ease. 

Why Are These Qualities Important?

Digital signage should work with your business, not against it. A great digital signage provider will have considered the needs of any and all of their customers and worked to create a solution that can be implemented in any business. Successful customer engagement has been proven to boost long-term customer loyalty, as well as enhance customer perception of a brand. 

Digital signage is a compelling, modern component of a successful digital signage strategy. With a partnership between your business and the right digital signage provider, your ROI, customer approval, and marketing efforts will soar. 

Spectrio, a leading provider of digital signage, knows the importance of a great digital signage solution. Our solution is about more than just screens and displays. It’s a comprehensive, cohesive experience designed to engage and entertain your customers the minute they enter your business. Learn more about the Spectrio difference here, and schedule a demo with one of our team members today to see our solution firsthand!