Video marketing is one of the most popular and effective forms of promotion today. Customers love watching video content and are likely to take action after watching a video. 

Consider these statistics: 45% of people watch an hour or more of video content on YouTube or Facebook each week, and one-third of all online activity involves watching videos. Whether you are creating a quick video ad or long tutorial, you can attract customers with quality video content. 

Here are a few ideas you can pull from to develop your video marketing content along with a guide to get the most bang for your buck.

8 Types of Videos to Create

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are ideal for more complex brands. B2B companies often use explainer videos to show what their products do and why their services as important. However, popular B2C brands can use explainer videos as well. For example, a spa could create a series of videos explaining how massage helps the body and the different options offered. These can be as long and complex as you need; however, the length isn’t as important as the quality. The higher the content quality, the better the video.

Product Demo Videos

Place product demo videos on your product pages to provide customers with an idea of what your items look like and how they function. While pictures can show off your products and provide context, a video can do so much more. Your customers can see how the item moves, what the material is like, and how it handles different tasks (like a knife cutting through a can or a pair of clippers working on a beard). Use these videos to grow your conversion rate on your product pages.


If you are looking for a dynamic video that is more conversational than a simple announcement, consider uploading an interview. There are dozens of people you can interview for your brand: your employees, your suppliers, the founder, and even your customers. These interviews can be as in-depth as you want them to be. For example, a coffee shop could interview their pastry supplier about their gluten-free mission, or they could simply ask a few customers what their favorite muffins are.

Company Culture Videos 

Company culture videos are used by brands who want to add a human element to their marketing. For example, a bar would profile its bartenders as a way to make their space seem more welcoming. A B2B company would profile the different staff members and their jobs to show how work gets done. Outside of profiling specific people, these videos can also show how the company operates through its core values and why people enjoy working there.

Store Tours 

If you are trying to bring customers into your space, give them tours so they can get an idea of what your space looks like. You can also do shopping previews if your store layout and items are changing. This will bring both new and returning customers to your location.

Promotional Videos

At the core of your video content are promotional videos. These are simple ads that you can see on TV, streaming services, and social media. You can share these commercials organically across your top marketing channels or save them as paid marketing materials. Almost every company has a need to promote their products, and these videos are a great place to start.


More brands are turning to video to announce new products or share company news. They will debut a product video or record an announcement to share with their fans. These can be done professionally or simply, depending on your budget. Your announcement could be as simple as a phone recording that you post on social media for your fans.

Live Video

Live video is in a category of its own because it can encompass all of these categories. Many companies broadcast announcements over live video now and then share the recorded video again later. Other brands set up certain live video times where they answer questions or discuss products – almost like their own TV show. As you consider these video options, keep live video in mind as a method of recording and sharing your content.

How Your Brand Can Use Video Marketing

One of the main benefits of video content is its flexibility. While you may create a video for a product page or for your blog content, it can also be repurposed for other channels. Many brands will create a stable of video content that they use for several months (or even years) as long as the content and branding stay relevant. This further increases the ROI on video content because the materials can be used several times over. 

A few places to promote your video content  – or create video content for – include:

As you can see, video marketing content is incredibly flexible. You could create a video that garners a hundred or so views the first time it airs but could have thousands of views across all the times that it is viewed through multiple channels. 

This makes your video marketing content investment exponentially more valuable as you reach new and engaged customers.

Increase Your Video Content Exposure With Spectrio

There are several ways to promote your video content online and in your store. From kiosks and digital signage to video pop-ups on your free customer WiFi, you can share your video content in a way that engages customers even if they aren’t connected with you digitally. 

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